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The Special Communication Organization Network is referred to as SCOM. Only SCOM offers GSM mobile services in Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. It was introduced by SCO under the moniker SCOM in 2004. Nearly 450 cities, towns, and villages in both Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir receive network connectivity from SCOM, which offers extensive coverage in the area.

SCOM 4g Sim in Lahore Karachi Islamabad Rawalpindi

Established in 1976 with the goal of creating, running, and maintaining telecom services in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, SCO is a public sector corporation that reports to the Ministry of IT (Government of Pakistan). SCOM 4g Sim Pakistan has built a sizable IT and telecom infrastructure throughout time, including a 2500-kilometer optical fibre network that spans the whole length and width of the region. The largest telecom network and service provider today, SCO places equal emphasis on the development of urban and rural regions. In the regions of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, SCO offers telecom services to both the public and private sectors (general public). Its distinctive feature is that it offers various types of telecom services, including voice and data, on a single platform.

Our mission is to provide people in Pakistan’s most challenging mountainous terrain with access to cutting-edge information, communication, and telecom services. For all services provided, PTA has designated SCO as a Significant Market Player (SMP) in appreciation of SCO’s services and efforts. As per PTA restrictions if you found an anonymous sim anywhere then you must check the sim owner details in Pakistan to hand it over to the right person so that no one misuses the sim.

SCOM 4g Helpline Numbers:

Dial: 111-726-726

Muzaffarabad (Old)Near Exchange Bank Road Main City Phone: 05822-929805
Muzaffarabad (New)Bank Square Near Assembly Hall Phone: 05822-929911

For any nature lover, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K) and Gilgit Baltistan (GB) SCOM 4g Sim Pakistan are the ideal travel locations. AJ&K and GB offer something to sate your enthusiasm for the outdoors, whether you’re a hiker or a climber, an angler or a wanderer, or just searching for a break from your busy schedule.

Gilgit Baltistan

FranchiseAddress and Phone
GilgitM/S Ahmed Communication, Shop No 35 NLI Market, Gilgit.Phone: 0355-5111118, 05811-458544
SkarduM/S Indus Netcom, Mohallah Bishi Chhor Butt, Khaplu, Skardu.Phone: 0355-5136444
KhapluM/S National Communication, Thapore Khur Gawas , Asmerabad, Siksa, Khaplu.Phone: 0355-55353051
ChilasM/S Parbat Communication, DC Chowk Saddar Bazar , Chilas.Phone: 0355-5155554
AstorM/S Global Communication, Main Bazar, opposite Army Public School, Astor.Phone: 0344-9495003

Apply for New Connection

After examining the original ID card, our devoted team will ask for your biometric verification when you visit our local Franchise / Point of Sale to obtain the new SIM. Upon successful completion of the biometric verification, you will be given a SCOM SIM.


The following PTA order will be effective from 1 Dec 2016 till further notice:
1. Minimum sale price for issuance of any type of new SIM such as GSM SIM, USIM, LTE SIM etc(first time issuance including voice and data, and data only SIMs) at the retail level shall be Rs.200 per SIM in Pakistan as well as AJ&K and GB.
2. CMOs providing services within the territory of Pakistan as well as AJ&K and GB are not allowed to demand and /or levy any charges from customers for disowning of SIMs.

SCOM Sim Packages

SCOM Sim packages have 3 types of packages that include Prepaid, Postpaid, and Corporate. There are several amazing SCOM SMS packages that can give you a lot of free minutes and keep you closer to your loved ones. SCOM Call packages are popular all over Gilgit and Azad Kashmir as they are providing the cheapest rates. As you know other sims don’t work properly in Gilgit, Skardu, Azad Kashmir, and many other places in Pakistan and their people use the internet through SCOM only no doubt SCOM internet packages are popular and also facilitate people there at affordable rates.

SCOM Internet Settings For Android and iPhone

SCO – Special communication Organization provides 3G/4G and LTE internet speed in Gilgit and AJK. Hence set your mobile settings and access the fastest internet using SCO SIM.

SCOM Internet Settings (Manual)

All those users who want to activate (set) SCO internet settings manually on their iPhone (iOS) or on their Android mobile can follow the given settings.

Manual Settings For Android

Open the Settings section is your Android operating system and click on Connections usually contains Network & Internet. After that choose Mobile Network and open the Access Point Name from the given tab.

Finally, click on Add (+) button and add new APN settings according to the SCOM Android version APN Internet Setting.

Name: SCO Mobile

APN: scointernet

MCC: 410

MNC: 05

APN protocol: Ipv4

APN roaming protocol: Ipv4

Enable/disable APN: APN Enabled

Note: Keep other options that are not mentioned above (blank)

Manual Configuration

That is all there is to it; here is how to manually configure your Android phone’s SCOM SIM internet settings. The SMS technique is discussed at the conclusion of this post. For Android, you may send an SMS to receive the internet settings.

Manual Settings For iPhone (iOS)

Do you possess a computer with the iOS operating system for iPhones? Not to fear, SCOM has also made the “manual internet settings for iOS” gadget very apparent. First, all you need to do is go to iPhone settings and select the cellular tab.

Now open the cellular data network and finally click on APN to edit (enter) a new APN (Internet Settings) in your iOS (iPhone) mobile network internet portion:

Cellular Data:

APN: scointernet


MMS Message Size: 1048576

Note: Keep other options that are not mentioned above (blank)

SCOM Internet Settings Through (SMS)

To receive the net settings by SMS, type the phrase setting into a new SMS and send it to the 605 code. The SMS way to install the SCOM Internet Settings is the same for all devices, including iPhone and Android mobile. With this technique, all you have to do is open and install the SMS. Your internet settings will be saved immediately. Let’s check how it functions.

  • Type a new SMS
  • Write setting without any addition
  • Send the word setting to 605 code
  • In quick reply, you will receive a settings SMS
  • Open it and click on the OK Button to install it
  • Wait till the OS or iOS install new automatic settings
  • Done! You are ready to use 3G/4G or LTE on your SCOM SIM

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