SCOM SMS Packages 2024: A Complete Guide

For the convenience of all prepaid SIM customers, SCOM offers SMS packages, and we have organized them alphabetically on this page. in order for you to discover the best SMS bundle of your choice. Not only call packages SCOM has an amazing list of call packages through which you can enjoy nonstop surfing at high speed.

SCOM Daily SMS Packages

The daily SMS bundle from SCOM includes 100 SMS in addition to minutes and data for network use. just for one day. This bundle includes free SMS, internet MBs, and minutes.

Package NameDetailValidityPrice
Scom Daily Package100 SMS1000 On-Net Minutes50MB Internet (Dial *725# to subscribe)1 DayRs. 12

SCOM Monthly SMS Packages

Currently, SCOM provides two monthly SMS package options. First, a bundle solely includes SMS and sends 3000 texts. However, we believe that Rs. 100 is expensive compared to the second offer. You may get 300 MBs of WhatsApp bandwidth and unlimited SMS (up to 20,000 SMS) for Rs. 50. The student bundle also includes Internet access, on- and off-net minutes, and internet data in addition to SMS. An all-inclusive solution might be advantageous for several clients. Verify if it complies with your standards. Like SMS monthly packages, SCOM has also amazing internet packages that you can activate on monthly basis.

Package NameDetailValidityPrice
SCOM Unlimited SMS and WhatsApp Package20,000 SMS (all networks)300MB Whatsapp (Dial *725# to subscribe)30 DaysRs. 50
SCOM Monthly SMS Package 3000 SMS (all networks) (Dial *725# to subscribe)30 DaysRs. 100
SCOM Student Package (For AJ&K/GB)5000 SMS (all networks)1000MB Internet250 On-Net Minutes50 SCOM to OMOS Minutes (Dial *725# to subscribe)30 DaysRs. 300
SCOM Super Card Gold5000 SMS (all networks)5000MB InternetUnlimited Free Facebook3000 On-Net Minutes200 Off-Net Minutes (Dial *725# to subscribe)30 DaysRs.550

SCOM Others SMS Packages

Package NameDetail
SCOM Mini Card (15 Days)2000 SMS (all networks)800 On-Net Minutes70 Off-Net Minutes1000MB InternetValidity: 15 Days Rs. 300 (Dial *725# to subscribe)
SCOM Surprise Mini Super Card (20 Days)3000 SMS (all networks)1000 On-Net Minutes80 Off-Net Minutes80 Off-Net Minutes1500MB InternetValidity: 20 Days Rs. 350 (Dial *725# to subscribe)
SCOM Poora Din Baat (For AJ&K/GB)SCO Wide (SCO Family) 6 am to 6 pm [Free]SCO Wide (SCO Family) 6 pm to 6 am [Rs. 1.10]PTCL & Other Mob Ops [Rs. 1.60]Daily Rent [Rs. 0.8 Per Day]SMS (On-Net/Off-Net) 6 am to 6 pm [Free]SMS (On Net/Off Net) 6 pm to 6 am [Rs. 0.30 Per SMS] (Dial *725# to subscribe)
SCOM Kashmir Package (For AJ&KOnly)SCO Wide ( SCO family) [Rs. 0.99 + Tax / Min]PTCL and Other Mob Ops [Rs. 1.49 + Tax / Min]SMS Tariff [Rs. 0.30 + Tax / SMS] (Dial *725# to subscribe)
SCOM 24 Ghantay Offer (For AJ&K/GB)Daily LR [Rs. 15.00 Per Day]SCOM TO SCO FAMILY (24 Hours) [Free]SCOM TO OMOs (24 Hours) [Rs. 1.60]SMS (All Networks )(24 Hrs) [Rs. 0.30] (Dial *725# to subscribe)
SCOM Basic Tariff (For AJ&K/GB)SCOM to SCOM [Rs. 1.15 Per Minute]SCOM to Other Mobile Operators + PTCL [Rs. 1.60 Per Minute]F & F activation fees For 5 Numbers (Only SCOM Numbers) [Rs. 30.00]New Add F & F Activation fee [Rs 15.00 Per Number]Charging on Family Package (24 Hours) [Rs. 0.73 Per Minute]SMS On-Net/Off-Net [Rs. 0.45 Per SMS]International SMS [Rs. 4.99 Per SMS] (Dial *725# to subscribe)
SCOM Azadi Package (For AJ&K/GB)SCO Wide (SCO/Family) 7 am to 10 am [Rs. 0.99 Per Minute]SCOM to SCOM /SCO PSTN/CDMA 10 pm to 7 am [Rs. 1.49 Per Minute]PTCL OMO 24 Hours [Rs. 1.49 Per Minute]SMS 24 Hours [Rs. 0.20 Per SMS] (Dial *725# to subscribe)

What is the code to activate SCOM SMS Packages?

To access a pop-up menu, dial *725# and follow the on-screen directions.

How to check the remaining SMS?

Dial *125#. The screen will open up a menu; select option 1 to get further information. Additionally, you may check your remaining SMS for free by using the SCOM Mobile App.

Terms & Conditions

  • GST (17%) is applied to all rates in accordance with AJ&K regulations.
  • All roaming customers in AJ&K and GB are subject to minute roaming fees of Rs 0.45.
  • Offers are only available for a short period of time and are always subject to change.
  • The internet speed will vary depending on a number of variables, including the SIM card in use, the device, the number of concurrent users, the websites viewed, the time of day, the distance from a 2G, 3G, or 4G site, and more. International SMS is not included in SMS buckets.
  • Use only SIM cards provided by Biometric Verification since they serve as your identification.


Just dial *111# and then follow instructions

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