SCOM Internet Packages 2023: A Complete Guide

As technology has advanced, mobile customers’ reliance on internet plans has grown. Due to the high cost of using the internet without a bundle, nobody wants to do it. SCOM modified its 4G internet plans in 2022 after carefully analyzing the demands of its consumers. Not only internet packages, SCOM also has an amazing list of call packages through which you can enjoy nonstop surfing at high speed.

SCOM is the main internet service provider in Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir. SCOM’s services are crucial since connectivity to other networks is constrained or nonexistent in remote areas. SCOM offered a 4G network for the first time in this region. Its daily, weekly, and monthly data packages have been successful in bringing its clients online.

SCOM Daily Internet Packages

Package NameDetailValidityPrice
SCOM Daily 200MB Package200MB Internet1 DayRs. 20
SCOM Daily Plus Offer500Mb Internet1 DayRs. 29

SCOM Weekly Internet Packages

There are two data packages available to individuals who want to activate a weekly offer. With the amazing weekly deal, you will get 1GB of data without any time restrictions and an extra 1GB with restrictions.

Package NameDetailValidityPrice
SCOM Weekly 800 MB 800MB Internet Data7 DaysRs. 80
SCOM Weekly Social Pack 7GB Social Data7 DaysRs. 80
SCOM Super Weekly Offer2GB Internet Data7 DaysRs. 129
SCOM Weekly Dhamaka Offer3GB Internet Data7 DaysRs. 150

Weekly Social Pack 7GB

A 7GB weekly social pack is also available. As suggested by the name, the Social package gives users access to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and the SCOM Smart TV app.

PackageWeekly Social Pack
Data Volume7 GB(WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook & SCO Smart TV App)
Subscription Code*111#
Remaining Resources Check Code*125#

SCOM Monthly Internet Packages

If you require monthly internet service, you have a number of choices. Your budget and the amount of data you require will determine the option that is best for you.

5GB/Monthly Pack
The Monthly Pack might be useful for people with typical internet usage. For Rs. 300 for 30 days, you may receive 50GB of data.

Package NameDetailValidityPrice
SCOM Unlimited SMS and WhatsApp Package300MB Whatsapp2000 SMS30 DaysRs.50
SCOM Social Media Package7GB Social Data30 DaysRs. 300
SCOM Monthly Gold6GB Internet30 DaysRs. 449
SCOM Monthly Premium10GB Internet30 DaysRs. 549
SCOM Super Card Gold3000 On-Net Minutes200 Off-Net Minutes3000 Local SMS5GB InternetFree Facebook30 DaysRs. 550

SCOM Others Internet Packages

Package NameDetailValidityPrice
SCOM Mini Card800 On-Net Minutes70 Off-Net Minutes2000 Local SMS1000MB Internet15 DaysRs. 300
SCOM Surprise Mini Super Card Detail1000 On-Net Minutes80 Off-Net Minutes3000 Local SMS1500MB Internet20 DaysRs. 350

SCOM Internet Packages Code 2022

*111# is the code for all SCOM internet packages. You may activate a prepaid 3G/4G daily, weekly, or monthly internet service on your SIM card by calling this code. The bundle plan will dictate how much will be charged.

How to Activate SCOM Internet Package

To activate the internet plan on your SCOM Sim, dial *111#, or download the SCO mobile app, sign in, and then subscribe to the desired internet packages.

How to Deactivate SCOM Internet Package

Call 355 to unsubscribe/deactivate any internet package.

How to Check SCOM Internet Package

Dial *125# and enter “1” to check the amount of remaining internet bandwidth for SCOM. You will receive an SMS with the remaining internet data from the internet plan on SIM after answering to the SMS. To check internet MBs, you may also utilise the Sco Mobile App.


Activate any desired SCOM Packages that you want? Call *111# and then folloe the directions.

Nearly 450 main cities, towns, and villages in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan are served by SCOM, which offers the most comprehensive network coverage in the region with an equal footprint in rural and urban terrain. Network major characteristics include the lowest call prices, enticing bundles, countrywide roaming capability, GPRS and EDGE services.

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