Zong Advance Code – Step by Step Process

We’ve all been there – that crucial moment when you need to make an important call or send a vital message, only to find out your phone balance is running low. The panic sets in as you search for a recharge shop nearby. But for Zong users, worry no more! Zong has your back with its Advance Balance service, ensuring you stay connected in the hour of need.

Why Choose Zong Advance Loan? Zong, committed to delivering top-notch service, understands the importance of meeting customer expectations. In this guide, discover how you can easily secure an instant loan from Zong for calls, SMS, or internet services.

Three Convenient Methods to Get Zong Advance Loan:

  1. Through Code:
    • Dial *911# on your Zong prepaid SIM.
    • Wait for the service confirmation message.
    • Enjoy instant credit right away.
  2. Through SMS:
    • Simply send a blank SMS to 6911.
    • The easiest and most utilized method by Zong consumers.
  3. Through Zong App:
    • Download the My Zong App.
    • Navigate to the loan section on the home screen and tap the “Get Loan” button.
    • Note: You can avail the advance loan twice before your next successful recharge.

Zong Loan Charges: Zong ensures flexibility by offering different loan options based on your recharge history in the last three months. Here’s a breakdown of the loan amounts and service charges:

  • Single Advance Loan:
    • Loan Amount: PKR 15
    • Service Charges: PKR 4.5 + tax
  • Two Standard Advance Loans:
    • Loan Amount: PKR 30
    • Service Charges: PKR 9 + tax
  • Single Super Advance Loan:
    • Loan Amount: PKR 30
    • Service Charges: PKR 8 + tax
  • Two Super Advance Loans:
    • Loan Amount: PKR 60
    • Service Charges: PKR 16 + tax

So that’s how you can avail the Zong advance balance if you are out of credit. If you are looking forward to top up your Zong account balance to enjoy connectivity with your friends and family then you must know your Zong number to get it recharged. If you have forgotten your number then you can dial Zong sim number check code to get your number easily in seconds.

Terms and Conditions:

Zong has laid out clear terms and conditions to ensure a fair and transparent process:

  • Customers with a recharge of more than PKR 660 in the last three months are eligible for a Super advance loan of PKR 60.
  • Customers with a recharge history of less than PKR 660 in the past three months can avail a PKR 30 loan.
  • Customers can make a total of two transactions for Advance Loans with every recharge.
  • Standard customers pay PKR 4.5 + tax for each Advance Loan transaction.
  • Super-advanced customers incur a cost of PKR 8 + tax for every advance loan transaction.
  • Customers can apply for one or two Advance Loans, depending on their needs.


Zong’s Advance Balance service ensures that you stay connected even when your balance is low. With easy-to-follow methods and reasonable charges, Zong proves to be a reliable partner in meeting your communication needs during urgent times. So, the next time you find yourself in a bind, remember the Zong Advance Balance service is just a few taps away!

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