Best Way To Check Sim owner details Online in Pakistan

Many individuals who want to check sim owner details online in Pakistan name can use this article to solve their problems. They don’t have to worry about checking the SIM holder’s forename. Using a specific number, it is simple to locate the user’s or SIM holder’s name. You must have a SIM card as one of the requirements. Now you can Trace Mobile Number In Pakistan With Name and CNIC by following easy steps. No one can irritate you with dumb calls.

Some people are unaware of the details of a SIM card. They are unable to do so. The reason for this is that it is illegal in Pakistan for anyone to know the statistics or data of a confirmed SIM number. This post will explain how to find out who owns a SIM card.

In Pakistan, there are several techniques for locating the SIM owner’s information and people look for sim owner checker tools online. There are several apps and websites that can help you do so. They use the programs on the phone to steal the data and show it to others in order to investigate the bits of information included in the mobile number. It is unethical to act in this manner.

The following methods can be used to find out who owns a SIM card. This approach is available in every SIM including Telenor, Zong, Ufone, and Jazz.

How To Check Sim Owner Name By Mobile Number

As previously said, if a person possesses a SIM number, they can verify the name and details of the SIM number holder. This method works for all sims, including Jazz, Mobilink, Ufone, and Telenor. The following method will help you to find the sim owner’s name by mobile number easily.

All you have to do is dial “MNP” from your Zong, Telenor, Warid, or Mobilink sim number. Individuals will text “667” with their message. This message will cost you 2.467rs to text. Each network offers a variety of options.

When a message is delivered, the recipient will be able to see the SIM cardholder’s name, registration number, registration name, network, and owner CNIC, and SIM serial number.

When the biometric system was not available, this system was developed to change the network. The SIM cardholder should have an adequate balance to send this message on “667.” If you want to switch networks, this SIM will transfer your data to the new network.

Individuals can also check sim owner details online in Pakistan using a variety of online services and apps. The SIM owners’ identities, ID card numbers, addresses, and SIM numbers registered in their names are all available on this website. However, this is not a viable option because you risk invading someone’s privacy. Above methods will help you to find sim owner details by number easily in Pakistan.

How to check the Jazz SIM owner’s name

There are three simple ways to locate Mobilink/jazz sim details or names of sim number holders. Both techniques are completely free. The procedures are as follows:

Send message

Individuals can find out who owns a sim card number by texting MNP to “667,” as previously noted. It will set you back 2.67 rupees.

There are three simple ways to discover Warid/Mobilink, Jazz SIM data, or the owner name for free, two of which are completely free. We’ve included a list of them below.

Dialing Code

People can dial from either a postpaid or a pre-paid phone number. Individuals can respond by typing six letters, then writing one, and finally sending. This method can be used to find out the SIM owner’s name, ID card number, and cellphone number.

Jazz Sim Owner Information Online (Jazz World App)

If you have the Jazz World App installed on your phone, you can use this method. This method allows you to look up the SIM owner’s information on the internet in Pakistan. This is the most effective internet approach for determining the names of Jazz SIM holders. By installing and logging into the Jazz world App, you can view the name of the SIM holder on the home screen using this way.

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