Best Camera Mobile Phones in 2020

The camera is one of the most important mobile features that people look upon when buying a smartphone. Some mobile brands have succeeded in upgrading their camera quality to a point where they even deliver better results than a proper camera. So people no longer wish to buy a separate camera now but prefer to get a high-quality camera within their smartphones.

If you are looking for some best camera smartphones here is a list of mobile phones with the best camera features in 2020 let’s have a look.

iPhone 11 pro

If we talk about iPhone 11 pro camera features iPhone 11 pro has a triple rear camera that has an outstanding performance. It has a 12mp f/1.8 wide-angle camera, 12mp f/2.4 ultra-wide camera, and 12mp f/2.0 telephoto camera for extra clear zoom in pictures. The ultra-wide camera delivers a 120-degree field of view and can be zoomed up to (4×)

iPhone 11 Pro also has a new night mode feature that works on the main wide-angle lens camera. It is disabled on an ultra-wide-angle lens and switches to 2X digital zoom.

Moving onto iPhone 11 pro front camera, it has a front camera of 12mp and supports next-generation smart HDR for better contrast and colors.

With all these excellent camera features you can say that the iPhone 11 Pro is one of the best camera phones you can get in 2020.

The price of iPhone 11 pro in Pakistan is Rs.218, 099

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra has four rear cameras including 108mp f/1.8 wide camera, 48mp f/3.5 periscope, 12mp f/2.2 ultra-wide camera, and 0.3mp f/1.0 TOF 3D camera to capture 3D shots.

Samsung S20 ultra has amazing Zooming capabilities. Its 48-megapixel Periscope telephoto lens has four X optical zoom that can go up 100 X. However, the 10X zoom shorts are lacking in sharpness Samsung S20 ultra also supports its 8k video recording.

Proceeding onto the front camera of the smartphone Samsung S 20 ultra has a front camera of 40mp f/2.2 (wide). The lowlight selfies in Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra are quite poor but you can use screen flash for better results in low light. There is also night mode Option that can be turned on when it’s very dark but it lacks focus. You can check out the complete Samsung S20 Plus review on Mobilesly.

You can buy Samsung galaxy s20 ultra for Rs.233, 999.00 in Pakistan.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Is one of the few phones with the Penta camera feature.

Xiaomi note 10 with five cameras includes a 108mp f/1.7 Wide range camera, PDAF, 12mp f/2.0 telephoto camera, 20m f/2.2 Ultra-wide camera that covers the 117-degree field of view. A 5mp 50x with hybrid zoom and 2mp f/2.4 detailed macro camera.

The autofocus performance is very fast and accurate. Images have a very good quality color exposure. The phone captures excellent portrait pictures. However, in low light images can be underexposed.

The selfie camera of Xiaomi note 10 has 32mp f/2.0. The selfie camera performs very well and you can also use bokeh effects in your selfies.

Xiaomi mi note 10 will cost you Rs.89, 999.00 in Pakistan. Xiaomi mobile prices in Pakistan vary in different cities.

One plus 8 Pro

One plus 8 pro has a Main camera all 48mp f/1.8 for wide-angle pictures, 8mp f/2.4 telephoto camera, PDAF, 3x optical zoom, 48mp f/2.2 camera for an ultra-wide picture which covers the 116-degree field of view and 5mp f/2.4 color filter camera. The wide-angle camera of the phone is not as wide as phones like Samsung but is wider than Huawei. One plus mobile phones are making their brand in Pakistan. One plus 8 pro allows 4k recording.

It has a 16mp selfie camera with great color and contrast. The expected price of one plus 8 pro in Pakistan is  Rs.149, 999

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei p30 pro has the main quad-camera of 40mp f/1.6 for wide-angle pictures, 20mp f/2.2 for ultra-wide pictures, PDAF+ periscope 8mp telephoto camera, and 5x optical zoom and TOF 3D camera to capture 3D shots. The details of the pictures captured are not sharp but they are realistic. For daylights Pictures the p30 pro works well both in portrait and macro mode pictures.

However, in wide-angle pictures, p30 pro’s maximum Field of view is not as wide as the other phones like Samsung. Adding to this P30 pro’s Capture picture quality drops when it is little pinch zoomed. There are low target exposures, limited dynamic range, and de-saturated color in indoor and outdoor pictures.

The front camera of Huawei p30 pro has 32mp for wide-angle selfies. Huawei mobile phones are quite popular in Pakistan due to their affordable rates.

The Price of huawei p30 pro in Pakistan is  ‎Rs.157, 600.00

Oppo Reno 3

Oppo Reno 3 has five cameras including a quad-camera of 48mp f/1.8 for wide-angle-picture a 13mp f/2.2 telephoto camera PDAF, 8mp f/2.2 for an ultra-wide-angle picture with 109-degree field of view and 2mp f/2.4 camera with LED flash. It has a hybrid zoom. For low light pictures, Oppo Reno 3 has a night mode and an ultra-dark mode. These modes are activated automatically in low light situations.

Oppo Reno 3 has a dual punch-hole front-facing camera of 44mp and it supports bokeh shots. The front-facing camera also has access to the ultra-dark mode in low lightning conditions.

The camera of Oppo Reno 3 works well together with both hybrid zoom and portrait mode. There is also electronic image stabilization (EIS) to give your video footage a professional look.

You can buy oppo reno 3 for Rs.59, 999  in Pakistan. Oppo mobile phones are quite famous in Pakistan.

Realme 6 Pro

Realme 6 pro has four quad cameras including a 64mp f/1.8 for wide-angle pictures, 12mp f/2.5 Telephoto camera+ PDAF Wet 2X optical zoom, 8mp f/2.3 Ultra wide camera and 2mp f/2.4 Macro camera with LED flash.

Realme 6 pro has a super nightscape new feature that is designed to capture good quality pictures at night it also has a tripod mode that features super long exposure so that you can shoot nightscape for those that capture beyond human vision. However, in extremely dark conditions, the pictures are underexposed.

Moving on to the front camera of real me 6 pro, there are 2 front cameras including a 16mp and 8mp wide-angle camera. The ultra-wide range front camera captures good quality portrait shots.

Realme 6 Pro has a price of Rs.54, 999 in Pakistan. Realme mobile phones is getting famous in Pakistan day by day due their remarkable phone features in low rates.

Nokia 8.3 5g

Nokia has launched a Nokia 8.3 which has main a camera of 64 MP for wide-angle pictures, 12 MP for ultra-wide pictures, 2mp macro camera, and 2mp (depth) camera with dual-LED flash.

Nokia 8.3 is equipped with autofocus. Nokia has a Zeiss Cinematic capture mode which allows filming in 4K, 21:9 aspect ratio, and has algorithms to fake the local cinematic anamorphic lens. Nokia 8.3 has a front wide-angle camera of 24mp.

Nokia 8.3 will cost you around Rs. 108, 999 in Pakistan.

Vivo S6 5G

Vivo s6 has four main quad cameras including a 48mp f/1.8 wide-angle camera, an 8mp f/2.2 ultra-wide camera, a 2mp macro camera, and 2mp (depth) camera to capture detailed pictures with dual-LED flash.

The front camera of the phone is 32mp f/2.1 for wide-angle selfies.

There is also night mode available which you can use in low light pictures. It also supports bokeh effects.

However, Vivo s6 does not have a telephoto lens. Therefore it will not allow the user to capture high quality zoom in pictures of distant objects.

Vivo s6 5G has a price of Rs.54, 999 in Pakistan. Vivo mobile phones are well known in Pakistan, due to their uncountable features,.

Google Pixel 4XL

It has two rear cameras including a 12 MP primary camera and 16 MP telephoto camera you capture detail and layer pictures the pictures captured from Google pixel 4XL have accurate photo composers but good shadow detail, in contrast, excellent level of saturation And suitable white balance with original colors. It also has a fast and accurate autofocus in all lighting conditions.

Google Pixel 4XL’s night site mode affects low light Photography and strong color saturation but the white Balance turns into a slightly pinkish color. Google Pixel 4XL can shoot 4K videos at an automatic frame rate switching between 30 and 60 FPS and video shots at 1080P. It is the best zoom performance phone with a medium-range of both indoor and outdoor shots.

You can get Google pixel 4XL for just Rs.254,999.00  in Pakistan If you want to know about the other specifications of these mobiles you can search them on Mobilesly

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