Major problems you can face in Redmi Note 10. Read before you buy

Redmi Note 10 was released on February 7th, 2021 at a price of Rs. 31,990 in Pakistan. The Redmi Note 10 is the entry-level model of Redmi’s new Note 10 series, which also includes the Note 10 Pro and Note 10 Pro Max. The Redmi Note isn’t known for its cutting-edge capabilities, but it does provide decent pricing and a good screen. However, according to several reports, Redmi Note 10 owners are experiencing difficulties with screen flickering and the touchscreen on their devices. There are a number of problems that Xiaomi users have encountered which we have discussed in this today’s article.

Camera issues

If you choose the Xiaomi Note10, you’ll certainly choose it for its 108 MP primary camera. Alternatively, you may have a full 5-camera system on the back. When it comes to Xiaomi, after we get beyond the hardware, we are frequently left with sub-par software. This appears to be a problem with this phone as well. Short white lines in the Viewfinder, focusing difficulties, and a hazy backdrop have all been reported. Some other problems users have encountered in the camera are.

  1. The camera stopped working.
  2. Xiaomi Mi Note 10’s camera displays a black blank screen
  3. Pictures captured from Xiaomi Mi Note 10 are blurry or of poor quality.
  4. The phone does not detect the camera
  5. The camera app on the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 stopped

Above mentioned points are all the complaints being made by the Xiaomi Note 10 users regarding camera of the phone.

Battery drains quickly

The Xiaomi Note 10’s second selling point, according to the manufacturer, is its massive battery capacity of 5260 mAh. According to some sources, this should enable up to 20 hours of screen time. However, customers reported that the battery was quickly drained following the upgrades.

However there are a number of things you can do to minimize the battery drainage.

  1. Go to the developer options and disable the Mobile Data always on.
  2. Try to reduce the number of apps running in the background.
  3. Disable Wifi and Bluetooth overnight.
  4. Use any third-party app to limit the background process.

Also, there are a number of ways other than these to expand your mobile battery timing and make it last longer.

Proximity sensor issues

On VoIP conversations via WhatsApp or other apps, the proximity sensor on the Xiaomi Note 10 appears to be malfunctioning.

Here are some steps to fix this problem:

  1. Go to your dialer and type *#*#6484#*#* or *#*#64663#*#. Once you type this a Hardware Test Menu (CIT) will open the Proximity Sensor.
  2. Then place your hand on the sensor at the top and then remove it from the sensor.
  3. Tap, Calibrate and you are done.

Ambient display ( Always-on display) not working

Since its release, this smartphone has come preloaded with MIUI 11. MIUI 11 comes with several features, including an Always-on display, which, due to the growing use of AMOLED panels, is quite useful. Because the Xiaomi Note 10 has an AMOLED display, an Always-on display is a must-have feature, especially because there is no notification LED. Always-on Display, on the other hand, caused some users problems. The alerts were not showing up on the AoD for some people, while others were unable to utilize the function at all.

You can fix the problems by following these simple steps.

  1. Reboot your phone
  2. Under Display items, look for the schedule and try changing it to Always.
  3. Update the firmware
  4. Toggle off the “Turn off when Battery Saver is on” option in the same settings.
  5. Reset your device using factory reset.

Themes missing

Themes for Xiaomi devices might be a little perplexing at first, but once you realize that they are region-specific, things get much clearer. Switch to a new region if your region doesn’t offer many themes, wallpapers, or other personalization options. Switch back to your region once you’ve gotten what you desire. If you can install themes from third-party sources but they don’t persist after a reboot, there’s a bug in MIUI 11 that hasn’t been fixed yet. The available themes aren’t MIUI 11-compatible, so we’ll have to wait till Xiaomi fixes it.

GPS issues

According to user and reviewer assessments, the Xiaomi Note 10’s GPS isn’t quite up to industry standards, but it’s not terrible. Simply said, it’s a standard exact GPS. However, there appears to be an issue with the location services, since GPS does not work and the Location shortcut is just greyed off.

Follow the steps to solve this issue

  1. Download the GPS test from the Playstore
  2. Run the 3D Fix test on your phone to see if there are available satellites.
  3. The GPS is operating properly if the 3D Fix is green, there are a number of satellites in view, the use is greater than0, and the accuracy is less than 15 meters.

If your GPS is working, it’s almost definitely a software issue that can be resolved by just changing firmware. The bug was claimed to be addressed in subsequent versions of MIUI 11 (still based on Android9) by users.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Touch issues

Touch issues in Xiaomi Mi Note 10 are one of the most common issues encountered by many users. The curved screen of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is aesthetically attractive, but it might be difficult to operate for new users. Xiaomi isn’t doing a particularly good job at optimizing MIUI for curved displays. There are issues with the device’s curved edges.

Turbo Charge not working

Not only does this gadget have a large battery, but it also boasts the newest 30W Turbo Charge technology, which claims to charge the 5260 mAh battery in just 65 minutes. The gadget comes with a 30W charger, which is fantastic. However, some customers are claiming that something is wrong with the charging sequence, with the smartphone switching from Turbo to Fast charging at random slower one. This occurs as a result of overheating, and the phone is configured to lower the charging pace to allow the phone to cool down.

These are the major problems faced by Xiaomi note 10 users. Although some of the problems have been resolved by Xiaomi but before buying this phone try to make as many researches as possible to avoid any future loss.

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