How to increase mobile battery timing

Nowadays our mobile phones play a major role in our lives or it may not be wrong to say that our life is somehow dependent upon our mobile phones. This is why we have this little device with us every time, where ever we go. From calling, chatting, and sending emails to shopping online, paying bills online, playing games, and watching movies, the mobile phone brings us almost everything in our reach with just a few clicks.

As the mobile phone is so important for us, it is really exasperating to see its battery running low during an important call or between a very intriguing movie, and literally, no one wants to charge their phone frequently. So a low battery means a break in our regular activities which are totally dependent upon our mobile phones.

This is one of the reasons why different mobile brands have introduced mobile phones with large batteries so that they can last longer. So if you too are tired of your mobile phone battery getting low so often then it is time to get a new phone with a good battery. There are phones in the market which are categorized as the best battery phones of the year which you can consider.

In the meantime, you can also try out some easy tricks and tips to make your mobile battery last for a little longer. So below you will figure out some easy ways to do so. Let’s check them out.

Avoid fast charging of your phone

Fast charging of your phone can often lead to quick drainage of the battery so you should avoid fast charging when it is not necessary. It is better for a phone battery to take longer to charge because the slower it will charge the longer it will last.

Avoid putting your mobile in extremely hot or cold

If it is extremely hot or cold temperature then it will strain the battery of your phone and will reduce its lifespan. So you should not leave your phone in the car under direct sunlight or at a place where the temperature is very intense.

Switch your phone into dark mode

Some of the phones have built-in dark mode options which you can turn on to optimize your battery. While some don’t have it so if you do not have this option, you can download it on your phone from Playstore. Phone background with deep black color prevents the phone from consuming a lot of battery. If can also simply put black wallpaper in the background and turn the night mode on, on different apps such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Turn off automatic WIFI

If your phone automatically connects to any WIFI that is available then just turn the option off. This is because sometimes when you are not even using the phone and the WIFI connects to it makes the battery low. So you should only turn in the WIFI when you want to use it.

Turn down the screen brightness level

A high level of screen brightness not only consumes a lot of battery but also hurts your eyes. It is best to keep your brightness level low. There is also an option of the auto-brightness level that automatically changes the brightness level according to the light. So when there is low light in the room the brightness level goes down whereas when it is more light the brightness of the phone increases.

Reduce the screen time out

By reducing the screen time out, your phone screen will automatically turn off and gets lock which will prevent the battery from running low quickly. So if you leave your phone screen turned on, it will turn off itself in few minutes.

Turn on power saving mode

Every mobile phone has a power-saving mode that you can turn on to optimize your battery timing. So you can turn on the power saving mode which can make your battery last a little longer than usual and will cut all the unnecessary activities going on in your phone.

Keeping your phone silent

Sometimes when there are a lot of notifications on your phone of different apps, calls, and messages and it keeps on buzzing every second then it makes your battery run low. You can simply avoid that by putting your phone on silent. Do not forget to turn off the vibration mode or lower it as it consumes a lot of battery.

Turn off the apps running in the background

With so many apps on your phone, you do not even know which ones are running in the background and you are not even using them for now! This is something that takes a lot of your phone’s battery. You can simply put these apps on sleep or disable background activity. You can delete some of the unnecessary apps too. This will also help your battery to improve in some way. However, keep in your mind that after turning off these apps running in the background you will not be able to receive notifications and updates from these apps.

Disable google assistant

Google assistant is something that is always active on your phone even if you are not using it. So if your activities are not dependent upon it you can simply shut it down. Here are few steps to shut down your google assistant.

  1. Go to Google app and click on More
  2. Then click on to settings
  3. Find Google Assistant
  4. Select the assistant tab and choose your device
  5. Turn off the switch next to Google assistant.

Get yourself a powerbank

If these things do not work it is better to take a power bank with you if you are heading out so in case if your battery goes down you can charge your phone from the power bank.

This ends today’s article. If you find this article helpful, visit our website Mobilesly for some more informative articles related to mobiles, applications, and much more.

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