List of Best Battery Phones in 2021

Why the large battery makes the difference?

Most of us who have smartphones have encountered frustration when our phones die at the point when we need them. Would that be wrong to look for a better battery phone to avoid this problem?

Everyone needs a mobile with a large battery, so it won’t die after a few hours of continuous use. With a battery that’s large enough, you will be able to go for hours or days without having to charge your phone at all.

Today we have hundreds of mobile models with big batteries to pick from. So today, let us look at some of the best battery phones in 2021.

iPhone 11 pro max:

If you’re searching for the best battery life phones, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the one to use. iPhone has a 3500 mAh li-po nonremovable battery. The phone’s battery lasts for almost 12 hours after continuous web surfing over 4G LTE at 150 nits of screen brightness. When it comes to charging, the iPhone has a fast charger that comes with the mobile. The phones reach the 20% charging in 15 minutes and 1 hour 30 mins with its fast charger. It also supports wireless charging.

The price of the iPhone 11 pro max is Rs. 235,899 in Pakistan.

Realme 6i:

Realme 6i is also one of the best battery phones in Pakistan. It has a large 5000 mAh li-po nonremovable battery. The phone supports fast charging 18W up to 10W in Realme 5 and 6 series. The packed 18W charger restores about 33 percent of the battery in 30 minutes and 50 percent in 50 minutes. Not exactly fast, but as fast as you can expect in the price segment. With fast charging and a big battery, you can play games, watch movies without having to worry about the battery drainage any time sooner after you have charged it to 100%.

The price of Realme 6i in Pakistan is Rs. 29,999

Samsung Galaxy M31:

Samsung Galaxy M31 comes with a massive 6000 mAh battery. The phone has a 15W adapter that meets Samsung’s Fast charge norm, but the handset can also be charged easily from Qualcomm Quick Charge or USB Power Delivery charger. However, the phone doesn’t charge very fast relatively other smartphones with fast charging feature. It takes 30 minutes to give you a 21% of charge. The phone fully charges approximately in two and a half hours. You can charge the phone overnight because Samsung Galaxy M31 gives you an option to disable fast charging. This way your phone’s battery will not be overburdened. Samsung Galaxy M31 battery will give you a full day and another half if you are an average user.

The price of Samsung Galaxy M31 price in Pakistan is Rs. 32,999

Vivo z1 pro:

Vivo z1 pro has a 5000 mAh li-po nonremovable battery. The battery backup on the Vivo Z1 Pro is just phenomenal. The 5000mAh battery will last more than a day, even with intense gaming and watching movies for the whole day. The smartphone also supports high-speed 18W dual-engine charging and a 70 percent battery charge in one hour.

It’s the best battery phone you can get for just Rs. 39,999 in Pakistan (expected to release soon)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 pro max:

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 pro max has a 5020 mAh battery. It is designed for those who want a stable battery life. Xiaomi has provided a super-fast 33W charger with the mobile. 

It takes a time of 45 minutes to fully charge the phone. The battery will last for a whole day.

Redmi Note 9 pro max is highly recommended to Redmi fans who are looking for large battery phones of Xiaomi Redmi.

The price of the phone is Rs. 49,999 (expected to release soon)

Infinix Hot 9:

Infinix is the most affordable and one of the best battery phones in Pakistan. It has a large 5000 mAh li-po nonremovable battery. The phone will give you around 21 hours after it is fully charged. However, it takes 2 hours to fully charge the phone which is quite slower than the other phones with fast charging capabilities.

The price of Infinix hot 9 is around 21,000 rupees in Pakistan.

Motorola One Fusion Plus:

Motorola one fusion plus has a 5000 mAh battery and has an 18W Turbocharger in the box to help with fast charging. Low users will comfortably get the Motorola One Fusion+ for up to a complete week of work at a

single charge, whereas moderate and extreme users will be able to get at least two days out of one-time charge. The phone takes around 2 hours to get charged up to 100%.

The price of Motorola one fusion plus in Pakistan is around 58,999 rupees (expected to release soon).

Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra:

Samsung galaxy s20 ultra comes with a li-po non-removable 5000 mAh battery The Galaxy S20 Ultra allows 25-watt wired charging with the box ‘s product connector, as well as Samsung’s 15-watt Super Wireless Charging 2.0. The phone takes an hour to get charged up to 100%. The battery will last for approximately 9 hours for heavy users and around 13 hours for light users.

The price of the phone is Rs. 233,999 in Pakistan.

Vivo u20:

Vivo u20 has a 5000 mAh big battery. The battery supports heavy usage including heavy gaming and watching movies. It conveniently lasts a day and a half on a single, also with multitasking and gaming. The phone takes around 2 hours to charge up to 100%.

The price of Vivo u20 is Rs.34,999 in Pakistan.

Redmi 8A:

Redmi 8a is also one of the very budget-friendly phones in Pakistan. The phone has a 5000 mAh battery.

With daily use, the Redmi 8A easily lasts a day and a half at a single charge. The phone has a 10W charger which provides a little slow charging to the phone. The phone takes 3 hours to charge 100%. The Redmi 8A does support 18W fast charging therefore it is better to charge the phone overnight to use for the whole day.

The price of Redmi 8A in Pakistan is just Rs. 16,500

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