How to see deleted messages on Whatsapp and their recovery

A while ago WhatsApp introduced its ‘delete for everyone’ feature for its users so that users can delete messages they have sent as a mistake to others. This option saves anyone from embarrassment if they send the wrong message to a group or individual chat by accident. WhatsApp first offered the feature with a seven-minute time limit, which was eventually raised to more than an hour a few months later. For some people, it was a lifesaver but some people were eager to figure out what message they had received as a mistake. So soon after the delete for everyone feature arrived, many app developers began to work on applications that can enable the user to read the messages that has been deleted by the sender. With the passage of time now there are many applications available which you can download to see deleted messages on Whatsapp.

As well as that there are many tricks to read Whatsapp deleted messages. Which we have told you about in this article.

Best apps to read deleted messages on Whatsapp

These are some of the applications that are available on Playstore to read all the deleted messages any user have sent you.

  • Antidelete
  • VDM
  • WhatsDeletePro
  • WhatsRemoved+
  • Wmar

There are so many apps available that can ensure to restore deleted messages for you but only a few of them are authentic. The five we mentioned above are the most top rated ones.

How does these apps work?

Pick one app and download it from the Playstore. For the review let’s take Antidelete app. Download it from the Playstore for free. Open the app and enable the toggle and grant all the permissions. Also turn on Antidelete on the notification access. After the app has got access to your phone you will be able to read all the deleted messages from now on.

Note: The apps we listed above does not restore the previous data which means you will not be able to read previously deleted messages. You can only read those messages that are deleted after the application on your phone has been activated.

Apps to restore deleted messages of Whatsapp

Accidentally lost all the important chats on Whatsapp? Don’t worry because now you can easily restore the deleted messages on Whatsapp.

These are some apps to restore WhatsApp messages that has been deleted.

  • WA message recovery
  • Auto RDM
  • Data recovery for Whatsapp
  • WAMR

You can download any one of the most suitable app that we have listed above and restore all your deleted WhatsApp messages. All you need to do is enable the app to access your data.

Also you can try this trick to restore your WhatsApp deleted messages without having to download any app.

To restore a chat that you’ve deleted recently follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings
  • Now click onto Application
  • Go to Application Manager
  • Scroll down and click on Whatsapp
  • Click on clear data. You will see a popup window
  • Click on clear
  • Open my files
  • Tap on device storage
  • Scroll to find WhatsApp
  • Then open Databases
  • Now long press on a file with a name: msgstore.db.crypt12
  • Rename the file to “backup-msgstore.db
  • You will be required to login to your whatsapp with the number.
  • Open Whatsapp and and click on Agree and Continue
  • Enter the 6 digit OTP that you’ve received
  • Then click on Restore to get all the deleted messages.
  • A message will appear Messages has been restored successfully
  • Enter your name and click onto next.
  • Then you have to proceed and click on Never when you will be asked if you want daily backups.
  • Now you will see that all your messages has been restored successfully.

This is it for today. We hope with these few easy steps you can restore your deleted messages on Whatsapp. If you find our today’s article informative, then visit our website Mobilesly for more tips and tricks for your smartphones.

You can now easily transfer all your WhatsApp data from one phone to another and the best part is even from an Android phone to iPhone. So no need to worry about losing your important files and chats on Whatsapp. With few easy steps you can transfer your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone.

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