How to get rid of smartphone addiction

Addiction to smartphones is a serious issue these days. We check our smartphones compulsively when chatting, working, walking, and driving, even though at times we know we shouldn’t. Some studies claim that the average cell phone user touches his or her phone 2,617 times each day. 2,617 times!

But how do you actually tell if you are being a smartphone addict or you just keep on comparing yourself to others that they are equally obsessed with their phones whereas they are not?

Warning signs that you are a smartphone addict

There are several drawbacks to being a smartphone addict. Some of them are as follows:

  1. In the middle of the night, you check your phone. If that is due to an emergency, makes sense. But if its your regular habit to wake up sand check your phone in the middle of the night then you are a smartphone addict.
  2. You text and walk, which makes you clumsy and makes it difficult for those around you to move with you as an obstacle who is striking them.
  3. You use phone in the bathroom
  4. When you forget your phone, you become concerned.
  5. When you’re face to face with others, you can’t help but use your phone.

Smartphone addiction and its negative impacts

  1. Using smartphone excessively and even during a conversation reduces the quality of conversation.
  2. Short-term memory and problem solving deteriorate as a result.
  3. Sleeping pattern is affected badly
  4. Leads to depression
  5. If you use your phone before going to bed, you will fall asleep slower and sleep worse.
  6. Increased obesity in some people

Now the question arises if you are already a smartphone addict and want to get rid of your habit what do you need to do?

Here are some of the things you can do to get rid of smartphone addiction.

First, understand that you have complete power over your phone

The very first step to correct yourself is acceptance. Accept that you are a phone addict and also remind yourself of the fact that you have complete power over your phone so it can not control you.

Stop using phone during meals

In order to avoid frequent use of smartphones, you have to start with very little things. The very first thing you need to do is put aside your phone during every meal. Try to engage yourself in a good conversation with your family. If you have a habit of picking up your phone on every notification, it is better to leave your phone in the other room to avoid such distractions.

Remove the addictive apps

If you are addicted to some apps like some games, chatting apps, or anything that keeps you engage, just remove them. If you are addicted to watching videos on Youtube, you can hide your Youtube for a while. By removing the apps that keep you using your phone, you can get rid of phone addiction.

Take mini phone breaks

If you wish to keep yourself away from your phone or longer, you can do so by starting from mini-breaks. Take a phone break of a day, then three days, and then extend it to a week. You can slowly get rid of a habit over time.

Trying keeping your phone on a low battery

If your phone battery is low, you won’t be able to use it for a longer period of time.

Turn off notifications

If all your notifications for different apps will be turned off, you no longer have to pick your phone up to check every notification.

Make your lock code more complicated.

You can’t check your phone if you can’t access it! Set your phone to lock immediately, and make your lock code a password which may take longer to unlock your phone.

However, keep in mind that things should be taken slowly. The objective is to reduce your smartphone addiction not completely quitting the use. Quitting your smartphone and the Internet abruptly will almost certainly get you lost and will result in a fast relapse.

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