How Android is better than iOS?

We have always heard people say iOS performs better than Android which is why they have been too desperate to switch from Android to iOS. In our previous article, we have already discussed that in what ways is iOS better than Android? But in this article, we will discuss that how Android can be better than iOS in many ways. So let’s have a look.

More choices available on Android

When it comes to the comparison of Android and iOS, Android has a better variety of hardware to offer. When a new iPhone comes out you usually have its two other variants which are expensive or cheaper than the first variant with a little difference in their specs. However, when it comes to Android smartphones you have a huge range of phones with different specs and prices to choose from. So with greater choices, you have the liberty to buy the phone which suits you the best, be it from any brand, Samsung, Oneplus, or Google, and the list goes on. So you can get a phone with giant screens, small screens, modular add-ons, QWERTY keyboards, and replaceable batteries.

3.5mm headphone jacks

All Apple phones have 3.5mm headphone jacks through which you can connect a standard headphone with your device. You’ll need to use a dongle, connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones, or buy a wired set that supports Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector if you want to listen to music on your iPhone. However, the 3.5mm connection is still used by the majority of headphones across the world. With the exception of the Moto Z and Google Pixel / Pixel2, almost all Android phones, including the latest models from Samsung, LG, and OnePlus, still include the popular connector.

USB Type-C charging ports that allows fast charging of your phone

Now all the latest Android phones mostly include a USB Type-C charging port which is able to connect to a wide range of ports and peripherals, including universal chargers. In addition to this, all the Android supports USB c which is known for its fast charging. However, this is not the case with iOS devices as you have to buy a separate cable with Apple proprietary Lightning port in order to charge your phone with a computer. So you need a different set of cables for sharing purposes. Moreover, in order to support fast charging for your iPhone 8, 8+, or iPhone X you have to buy another 29 watts higher power bricks as well as a USB C to lightning cable.

Full Customisation is available in Android

As we already discussed how iPhone users prefer simplicity, all iPhone phones have a very simple layout. So very little customization is available on iOS devices. Only a few widgets are offered to you. On the other hand, with Android, you can select from thousands of widgets that stay on your home or lock screens and offer everything from music to weather and note-taking.

Easy copying of data from phone to PC

Android users can easily transfer their phone data to a PC with the help of a USB cable. However, when transferring your data from iPhone to PC, you will need to install iTunes and then have to create an account. After the creation of the iTunes account, you can transfer media files like photos only. This is why the transfer of data from PC to iOS is limited and time-consuming.

Pinned Icons on screen

Pinned icons are those individual items that aren’t apps that can be represented by icons on the Android home screen. Some Android phones have pinned icons of various individuals items like shortcuts to Excel workbooks, pages from OneNote notebooks, and much more. While when it comes to iOS devices, you only get to see those apps on your screen which are downloaded on your phone.

A back button available on Android phones

In iOS phones, you can get back buttons in different apps or a back button that appears when you click a link that takes you to another app. But in Android, you have a back button to offer you a quick and easy option to return to a previous screen, no matter where you are. The button also works with apps. So if you are using Facebook and clicks on the back button, the page will return back to chrome.

Use a stylus with Android

Although you can use an Apple Pencil on your iPhone that you use for iPad but it works just like you are writing from your fingers. However, with the S Pen, you can draw and write notes or messages easily even when the phone screen is off on your stylus-enabled Android phone. There are many stylus-enabled phones by different brands like Samsung and LG.

More login options in Android

In iOS, you normally have touch ID fingerprint-like in iPhone 6,7, and 8 while they do not support facial or retina recognition. The iPhone X offers facial recognition but it does not have a fingerprint or retina option. However, when it comes to Android you get to see all these login options available. Samsung’s recent Galaxy phones have a fingerprint sensor, retina, and facial recognition as well.

These are all the things that make Android better than an iOS platform. It is important for the users to know about the platforms when buying a new phone as both platforms have pros and cons and are better than each other in some ways.

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