How iOS is better than Android?

People often try to stick to one platform when buying a new phone which means if they have iOS device, they would never want to switch to Android. But this may not be the same with many Android user. Some may be comfortable with Android but some really consider iOS over Android. They are ready to switch from their Android phones to iOS phones as they think iOS is better than Android. But the question is, in this era where big names of Android phones like Samsung, Google, One plus and other companies have produced their best performing phones with exceptional features, is it really reasonable to say that iOS is better than Android?

Let us check that out in the complete article by Mobilesly that, what makes an iOS platform better than Android.

iOS is said to be much more faster and smoother

According to researches and close analysis of both platforms, it is said that iOS offers a faster and smoother performance as compared to Android. People find fewer slowdowns when using iOS. This may be due to the powerful processors’ iOS devices contains. All iPhone devices have the best processors to run their phones and Apple processors are better than  Qualcomm’s.

iOS devices are simpler to use

All the apple phones have the same type of layout and internal features to use. iPhone users do not want a type of phone they can change, unlike Android phones where you have full customization to almost everything. iPhone users prefer phone which offers them simple yet all the work they want to get done on their phones without any laggings so they can take them to their content with the least amount of effort. Which is why you will not find any app drawer to hide apps and all the apps are on front. In other words it is very easy to figure out an iOS phone while it takes longer to go through an Android device with much more complex settings.

The more you change your Android devices, the different styles and patterns you will find in these devices as they are all designed by different producers whereas all iOS devices are designed by Apple itself which is why they all are same in some manner.

 The best apps first appear on iOS

All the best apps that are newly available on Google Playstore were available on iOS devices as soon as they were launch. iPhone is favored by most developers so they prefer to design apps that are compatible with the iOS platform than Android. Fortnite, for example, took many months to transition from iOS to Android and other Android games, such as Super Mario Run and HQ Trivia, took months to arrive at Google play store when they were already available for iOS users.

Compatible with Macs

iPhone users can easily send or receive text messages and place or receive calls from their Macbook. For this, you have to keep your iPhone nearby. Also, you can easily transfer your photos and videos using AirDrop from iPhone to Macbook. With the help of iCloud which keeps everything in sync, you can also have access to the photos and notes or documents on your Mac

Apple pay is easiest to use

Although Samsung and Apple have close competition with their Samsung pay and Apple pay in the market but Apple Pay is much more popular among customers as it is very simple to use. To use Apple Pay, just place your iPhone near a compatible payment terminal at the checkout counter and put your finger on the Touch ID sensor on your phone.

Family Sharing

iOS is very sharing-friendly. You can share your purchases with your siblings or parents from Appstore. iTunes and iBooks. You can share it with up to six people. You also have the accessibility to block someone’s shopping with whom your account is shared. You can also share a calendar and get to know the exact location of where your kids are. Google does not offer easy family sharing facility to Android user.

Updates on time

One of the best things about iOS is its timely updates which is a drawback for Android devices. iOS device gets the latest updates as soon as it is launched. However, iPhones with older versions may not be compatible with these updates. But still, iOS users are at advantage with getting the latest updates while Android users do not get the latest updates so often.

Strong security

In terms of security iOS devices offers more security and privacy to the users however with increasing security updates by Google Android devices have become more competitive with iOS security updates. So Google has continued to make progress in order to secure the data of the users but the consensus still gives the iOS platform the upper hand.

Better customer care

Apple has one of the best customer support with the help of Apple care you can easily cream insurance or warranty for any iOS device in few steps. If there is any local Apple store in your area you can even claim a brand new device if your previous device was and warranty and had some defects which is not quite possible if you visit any Android phone store and the customer care may not be up to the mark as compared to the iOS. So unlike Android customer care centers where you have to make phone calls again and again, fill out form send emails and have to wait for a long time to get your device repaired or replaced you can simply visit your apple store in get a new device or get your old device repaired in few hours. 

So with these comparisons you may have realized in what ways iOS is better than Android and why you should change from an android phone to iOS phone.

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