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This page will assist Pakistani Vivo users in finding Vivo Online Warranty Check. If you possess a Vivo device and are experiencing performance issues, there is good news for you. Customers of Vivo have access to a specified warranty period. You can get your device fixed for free if there is a problem with it. Technology business Vivo is established in China and sells a variety of goods there. Vivo only offers a small selection of smartphones as part of its product line. Huawei, another Chinese business, is its main rival. You can check information about Vivo Online Warranty Check Pakistan with the aid of this article. Check the details by scrolling down also if you want to check other phones warranty online in Pakistan, its also very easy mentioned in this article.

Vivo Online Warranty Check Pakistan

A thing you buy could occasionally have a flaw. You might not have known at the time of purchasing. But after some use, it is made clear to you. The first thing you should do if this occurs is to see if your equipment is still covered by its warranty. If there is still time before the warranty expires, you can get your issue rectified for free. Here, we share the method for checking it.

Online Warranty Check Vivo: When you bought your device, you might not have known the precise date in your mind. However, Vivo’s service allows you to find out when the warranty expires and when a product is activated. The steps are as follows:

  • You will then arrive at the Vivo website.
  • A box will be visible.
  • Your device’s EMEI number should be typed into the box.
  • Select “User Agreement” from the menu.
  • After that, press the Submit button.
  • You can see information about your device on your screen. There are also the dates for the warranty’s activation and expiration.

This is the simplest method of determining the status of the warranty. Visit the Vivo customer service center to take advantage of the warranty if you still have time before it expires and your device is having issues.

Vivo IMEI Check Online:

It could be challenging for you to check the IMEI number. Don’t worry if you are unable to obtain it. It can be examined in the manner listed below.

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  • Dial *06# once the dialer is open. The IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 numbers will be shown. To check the status, use IMEI 1.
  • Follow these steps on your smartphone: [Settings] > [More Settings] > [About Phone].
  • You could also check the box in your phone package. The IMEI number can be found there.
Vivo Online Warranty Check Pakistan

Vivo Warranty Policy Pakistan:

If you want to take advantage of the warranty, there are some rules for the products. View the following policy for these products.

  • If there is a functional problem with the product, you have 15 days to replace or repair it.
  • The mobile phone has an overall warranty of one year.
  • To use the warranty, you must present proof of purchase.
  • Only in the event of a functional or quality error is this service applicable. You are responsible for any costs incurred as a result of improper use.

The assistance these top businesses offer to their clients is what makes them successful. For these brands, this marketing tactic is effective. Customers are happier as a consequence, and their confidence in the brand and product grows. Therefore, that is what motivates people to continue purchasing from that brand. This has been all about Pakistan Vivo Online Warranty Check. I hope you enjoyed the post. Post your questions in the comments section if you still have any.


How can I check my Vivo warranty date?

If your phone has the “” app built-in (version 1.1 and higher), go into it, select “Support,” “Activate E-warranty Card,” and then use the interface to see how long your phone’s warranty is still valid. By using the purchase date on the receipt, you can also determine the warranty period.

How can I check my mobile activation date in Vivo?

Down and choose this. A warranty card has been successfully activated if you are an antique artist, so select more settings from all settings here.

How do I verify my Vivo phone?

GSM networks use your device’s IMEI number to recognize legitimate devices. As a unified identification number, it guarantees the authenticity of the device and contains details on the manufacturer, brand, model, and specifications.

Where is Vivo serial number?

The second approach requires you to access settings, go to the bottom, and select the “About Phone” section. Here are emails 1 and 2, together with models and hardware. You have a serial number in the section.

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