Xiaomi future smartphones will have an on-screen fingerprint scanner

Xiaomi appears to be working on not only a range of new smartphones but also the technology that will enable them to beat all other phones on the market. Xiaomi is ensuring that it does not fall behind in terms of innovation. Xiaomi was just granted a patent for a new fingerprint scanning technology, according to the latest news. Xiaomi can now put a fingerprint scanner on any section of the screen thanks to this innovative technology. Users will be able to unlock their phones even if their finger is not accurately placed on the under-screen fingerprint scanner once this fingerprint scanner is available on phones.

According to Xiaomi’s patent, the technology will function by deploying an array of infrared LED transmitters and receivers beneath the capacitive touch-screen layer but above the AMOLED display panel. It does not mean that a casual swipe over the screen will open the handset, so those concerned about security and privacy do not need to be worried. The surrounding infrared LEDs (which refers to the remainder of the display) will not turn on, conserving power and protecting your eyes. The phone will then compare the processed fingerprint data to your saved fingerprint data to determine whether or not to unlock the phone.

Will the new on-screen fingerprint sensor be limited to flagships phones only?

There is currently no information on when Xiaomi will use this new technology on their smartphones. The other question is whether the brand would be willing to use it on smartphones of all price points or if it would just be available on its high-end models. However, because every new technology is initially released in flagship phones before making its way to mid-range phones, you may see the on-screen fingerprint sensor on flagship phones.

Huawei also filed a patent for their own all-screen fingerprint scanning technology in six regions, including China, Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, and India, in August 2020. Although the technology has yet to be released in Huawei phones, Xiaomi may be able to bring it to the commercial smartphone market. For now, the only thing we know is that this new technology might take a few months to make its way onto the market.

Xiaomi has not been in the market for a very long time but it has given a hard time to all those smartphone manufacturers which had once been dominating the market. With continuous improvement in their smartphones and bringing the best options for customers in different price ranges, it has made its significant place in the market. Have a look at Xiaomi’s cheap phones with good specifications in 2021 which were not only cheap but also surprisingly good.

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