Reasons why companies are not adding chargers with new phones

After Apple’s announcement of not providing chargers with the phones, this has become a new trend in the market and slowly more companies are using the same approach. Not long after, it was announced that Samsung was also coming up with the same strategy. Many people have no idea why mobile phone brands are doing this. Some people are also complaining that now their expenses will be increased as they have to buy smartphones and chargers separately which will increase their cost.

But the question is why are companies not providing chargers to new phones?

To answer this question, we have stated some possible reasons below due to which companies has claimed that they will not provide chargers with new smartphones.

Reasons 1: In order to help the environment

You may have heard why Apple and the other firms want to decrease electronic waste (e-waste). Major smartphone giants like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, etc. are working incredibly hard to give the finest quality for smartphones, but this implies that these manufacturers are also committed to delivering high-quality chargers for their phones. The decision is mainly based on environmental considerations.

Many individuals have old chargers that still work when upgrading to a new phone. Even though the charging wire is depleted and loosened relatively fast, the charging bricks are durable enough to function and deliver energy to devices many years before they go bust. Some of these bricks only collect dust in houses, while some wind up at sites and contribute to the growing worldwide electricity waste.

Many IT firms consider, as part of a growing focus on sustainable development and environmental effort, attaining zero waste by 2030 or sooner to correct this growing problem. Shipment of telephones in the box without a charger is a good start.

Reason 2: To make smaller packaging to reduce costs

Without a charger, there is simply the product guide, other paperwork, and the phone itself within the packaging. This would lower the packing size substantially so that a manufacturer is capable of sending more phones and therefore save on unit cost per freight. This also reduces freight emissions, which is another step towards environmental protection.

Reason 3: To reduce prices and maximise their profit

A manufacturer can carry on savings to the customer through a reduction in retail pricing with the reduction of shipping, packing, and material expenses. For prospective clients, reducing prices will make sales more enticing. It’s again for the manufacturer, of course. Or perhaps the price is not lowered so much that the price is greater for loyal consumers and more profit is achieved. Phone manufacturers are already packaging the newest, but perhaps unneeded technology and bloated software to justify the high-end costs

Reason 4: To embrace newer technologies

In this decade, it is highly possible that we will not see any interface with this first portless consumer phone, simple wireless data, and power transmissions. It’s time we actually get wireless charging technology available on the market which’s just as quick as cable charging and costs the same.

Reason 5: Letting the consumers decide

The user may look at add-ons and accessories by a phone without a packed charger, and then select the best one according to his choice. Some customers may be bored of plugging a wire in their phone each time that the battery is running low, therefore the most convenient alternative appears to be a wireless charging dock. Some users choose to buy a cheaper third-party charger. Using a third party is even more flexible. For example, you might obtain a higher wattage charger, or a removable charger for various ports such as USB-A, USB-C, and Apple’s several proprietary connectors.

These are some of the major reasons why companies have decided not to provide chargers with their smartphones. One of the reasons is also that in the smartphone industry, Apple has a significant impact. It is very likely that other companies may take a similar option following the bigger brand in the market.

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