How to unlock android phone password without factory reset

It happens to all of us once in our life, we change our phone’s password and can’t remember it no matter how hard we try. However we all want to recover the password without losing the data in our phones. There are some ways through which we can have access to our phones without losing the data or having a need to factory reset it. Here are some ways by Mobilesly which you can consider.

Method #1 Unlock your Android phone password with Google ‘Find My Device’

You can unlock your android phone using Google Find My Device by following these steps

  1. Go to the website of on your other mobile phone or computer.
  2. Sign in to your Google account
  3. All your android devices that are signed in with this account will be displayed
  4. Select the android phone you want to unlock
  5. Options of “Rind”, “Lock” and “Erase” will appear on your screen.
  6. Select the option “Lock”
  7. You will be required to set a new password
  8. Once you have set the new password, take your locked android phone and enter the new password. Your phone will be unlocked.

Method#2 Unlock Android phone pattern lock using ADB

Although this is a little time-consuming and lengthy procedure it will successfully unlock your locked android device without factory reset.

Just follow these steps below:

  1. Download ADB on your computer by visiting Android Developer’s website.
  2. Then launch the installer and download the essential sources on your system.

3. After this connect your device with the computer using a USB cable. Don’t forget to turn on the USB debugging feature.

4. Go to the settings of your phone and tap on the About setting option

5. Then click on the Build Number for seven times consecutively which will enable the developer option in your android.

6. Then go to the settings and find the developer options where you will be able to turn on the feature of USB debugging.

7. Once your device is connected, you are required to launch the command prompt in the installation directory of your respective ADB

8. Type the command “adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key” and press enter key

9. Then restart your android device and you can have full access to it without any password.

Method#3 Unlock your android using Google account

This is again an easier method to prevent your phone from factory reset and recover its password. All you have to do is

  1. After you’ve attempted many passwords on your phone, it says “Try again in 30 seconds”. You are required to tap on the “Forget pattern/ password option”.
  2. Then select “Enter Google account details”
  3. You will be required to enter your username and password in the respective fields.
  4. You will then receive an email from Google with a unlocking pattern on pin code which you will apply on your locked screen to unlock it.

Method#4 Unlock your android using a backup pin

This method is only applicable if a backup password was asked and you entered one. For instance, whenever you are required to enter a new password and confirm it, you are also required to enter a backup pin or skip it. If you are lucky enough to enter a backup pin code and remember it then you can use it when you have forgotten your phone’s password.

Method#5 Unlocking your android using a third party tool

If you are unable to unlock your phone using the methods above then this is your last resort. You can choose to unlock your android using a third-party app. Such apps will help you remove the password without any data loss. One of the best apps is the Android Lock Screen Removal which you should keep in your phones to prevent losing data in case you forget your password.

Forgetting passwords is devastating at times when we really need to have access to our phones. We hope these methods can help you recover your phone’s password safely without harming your data. However, something is more devastating than forgetting your phone’s password and it is losing a phone. Your hand reaches your pocket and suddenly you realize what you are looking for is not there. Your phone is gone! What to do in such a situation? We suggest you not panic as there are ways through which you can track your lost mobile phone. Now you can easily track your lost android phone using the IMEI number.

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