10 things you should never do on your android phones

With so many high-end phones on the market, most of us are baffled as to which one to purchase. We start saving money and eventually purchase one, but once the high-end mobile phone that enticed us becomes our own entity, we forget to take care of it after a few days which can shorten its lifespan. There are a few things you should never, ever do with your phone in order to protect it against any damage.

Mobilesly has compiled a complete list of those things in this article. Have a look.

1. Do not installing Apps from Unknown Sources

The first blunder that smartphone users make is to begin installing Apps from third-party websites or App Stores without fully understanding the risk involved. Installing an app from a third-party website may provide you a free version of a premium program, but you are supporting piracy. The next issue is that Google does not monitor third-party websites you visit, so an APK you download might include malware. You can avoid this by making sure that you do not download any third-party apps on your phone or make thorough research before downloading one.

2. ​Do not overcharge your smartphone

Stop charging your smartphone for lengthy periods of time, as this might cause it to overheat. Always remember to disconnect your phone after it has been charged, and avoid charging it overnight.

3. Don’t leave the display exposed

Even if your smartphone is protected by Gorilla Glass, it may be damaged severely if it falls. In addition, if one is destroyed, it costs a lot of money to replace it. To protect your phone from all of these difficulties, invest in a decent screen protector and cases.

4. Avoid Using public WiFi networks

You should never connect your phone to public Wifi since your personal information can be collected. Anyone who knows how to look may be able to see the information you provide on these networks.

5. Never charge your phone on a surface that is uneven.

Many of us keep our smartphones under our pillows. This should also be avoided since it may cause your phone to overheat and catch fire.

6. Never keep your phone last months without restarting it

Rebooting your phone is important since it removes all of your phone’s cache and temporary data, resulting in more free storage and improved speed. As a result, it is advised that you restart your phone twice a month to keep it in good working order.

7. Never use chargers and USB cables for charging that are counterfeit or of poor quality

When an original charger is broken, people choose to acquire duplicate or low-cost chargers since they are less expensive than original chargers. This shortens the life of your battery and raises the risk of an explosion. So, the next time you go shopping for a new charger or USB cable, double-check the brand and certifications.

8. Use the terminal in wet environments

If a manufacturer decides that the terminal has been exposed to greater than usual moisture levels, the warranty may be voided. The same issue applies with IP57, IP58, and IP68 certified phones, which are waterproof but only to a depth of one meter. However, if the exposure is different, it may cause additional issues.

9. Leave your phone without a screen lock

Setting up a security code or a blocking pattern takes very little time and significantly improves the security of your interface. In the case of theft, this will ensure that the thief is unable to make calls or access personal information. If your phone is stolen, you may lock it or use the Android Device Manager to track it down.

10. Installing Battery Saving Apps

We want our battery to stay charged from morning to night, which is why we use several battery saver applications to ensure that our battery lasts as long as possible, and we believe that this battery saver will do just that. A battery saver keeps itself busy by eliminating programs that are currently operating in the background. If you launch any applications, it will successfully terminate them as soon as you close them. It keeps repeating this, again and over, putting a strain on your battery.

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