Best Ways To Solve WIFI authentication problem in mobile

It must be annoying when your phone’s WIFI is disconnected all of a sudden and an “Authentication error” appears on your screen when you try to reconnect the internet. The first inclination, as always, is to make sure the password name entered is accurate. However, if you are sure that the password you have entered is correct then you need to read the ways we will explain below to solve the WIFI authentication problem in mobiles.

Reset your android’s WIFI connection

The first easiest thing you can do is reset your mobile’s WIFI connection. You can do this by removing the network from your device and adding it back again later as a new connection. To remove the wifi connection you have to click on the option “forget network”.

Restart your router

You can also restart your WIFI router when you are resetting your mobile’s WIFI connection to get rid of the WIFI authentication error.

Verify the name of the cellular network for duplicates

It may be possible that you are entering the correct password to the wrong network. You should verify the name of the cellular network to see if it’s the one you want to connect with. If your network connection name is similar to some other network connections available, the simplest solution to this issue is renaming your wireless network to avoid any confusion.

Modify the configuration of the wireless network

Irrespective of which device you are connected to a wireless router, an IP dispute can cause the link to drop. The same goes for Android devices where you can encounter a WIFI authentication error due to an IP conflict. This problem can be solved. All you need to do is change the wireless network setting of your Android device from its default DHCP setting to Static IP. You can do this by going to your phone settings, and choose WIFI, Click or hold the network you wish to enter, and instead opt to change the network configuration in the pop-up menu that emerges. This method would be called in certain devices as changing a network link. Select the box next to view advanced options, and then check for IP settings. The IP Address area will be shown below.

Try your airplane mode

In some cases, your mobile network may interfere with the ability of your phone to connect to a network. In this situation, Airplane mode on your Android phone can fix your WIFI issues. Just switch off your mobile’s wifi and turn on the airplane mode.

Ensure that the Android app program is up to date

You can make sure that the android app program is up to date to avoid WIFI authentication problems. If you’re not a regular Android user who’d rather keep huge upgrade files pending, you could be depriving yourself of potential fixes to Wi-Fi disconnect problems, weak networking, and security issues as well. 

Just enter in your phone settings, click on the “about phone” tab, you can find an option, system update or updates which you can click on to update the android app program.

Factory reset your mobile

If none of the above options work, you can factory reset your mobile to get rid of all the network settings, Android applications, and data on your device, all of which might well be the cause behind your troubles. However, before you do this make sure all your data is safe and secure. 

After trying out all these ways to solve this issue, if nothing works then maybe it’s time to get the aid of a professional or change of your device. You can also read other related articles on Mobilesly.

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