A Complete Guide On Sofar Sounds Artist Dashboard

The artist platform at Sofar Sounds has undergone significant improvements, including the addition of a new dashboard, higher payout tiers, a new tool for booking requests, and additional ways to interact with other Sofar musicians.

For paying the three performers on their broadcasts as little as $100 each for house concerts and other small-scale events that frequently brought in many times that amount, Sofar had come under fire.

Sofar has vowed to improve under the new leadership of The Echo Nest founder Jim Lucchese, and this week’s announcements are a part of the service’s continuous recovery.

New Compensation Levels

In ticketed cities, all performers at regular performances (three acts, 20–25 minute sets) are currently guaranteed a flat payment of $100 USD, £75 UK, $100 CAD (Canadian Dollars), and 100€ (Euros).

Most ticketed cities will have three payment levels starting on February 18, 2020, with the total amount for each artist depending on the quantity of tickets that were sold for the performance.

List Of Latest Sofar features

A Sofar artist dashboard: A better approach for artists to maintain their profiles, view show booking requests, and access event information has been requested frequently. To start with, we’ve launched a brand-new artist dashboard, and there are many more features on the way. The beta version, which is currently being tested by a select group of artists, will be made public in March.

Improved booking tool: 2,000 artists participated in Sofar tours the previous year. We’re striving to make it simpler to book tour dates in the new artist dashboard, whether that means filling in an open Monday night, utilising Sofar to advertise another performance, or planning a whole tour of Sofar shows.

Connecting with other artists: Numerous musicians have emphasised the value of getting to know other performers at Sofar performances and have provided amazing anecdotes about where these friendships have taken them. These collaborations already take place every night, all over the world, with the 10,000 shows we perform annually. They will be able to connect with other Sofar artists in their city and view the musicians they’ve shared the stage with in the past through the new artist dashboard.

Turning more listeners into fans: In the email we sent to audience members following the performance, we incorporated a unique “Support this artist” button. This enables musicians to add an extra link, giving them the opportunity to point followers in the direction they believe will best support them. It might be anything from purchasing their merchandise to donating to them on Patreon or Bandcamp.

Resources for new artists: Our website’s artist-focused area has been revamped and now includes useful articles about Sofar and show-going tips.

Increased artist compensation: Sofar’s objective, which we previously discussed in December, is to progress toward an average net profit split in favour of the artist for typical events in ticketed cities of 70/30. To that aim, we will start implementing three payment tiers for performances that generate larger ticket sales starting today. We anticipate that this increase will have an effect on roughly 50% of artists, and we’ll continue to monitor our development throughout the year.

With the launch of a new artist dashboard, Sofar has made it easier than ever for artists to manage their calendar of Sofar Shows, communicate with other artists they’ve played with and artists nearby, and tell Sofar how to best market them to followers after the concert.

A new tool that has been created over the past 12 months and is currently being tested with an artist user group allows artists to route a Sofar Sounds tour from within the Artist dashboard. As with all of the events advertised on their website, Sofar puts on the shows and fills the venues with fans using their global concert infrastructure and marketing machine.

If you’ve participated in a Sofar before, the artist dashboard is the best place to submit a performance request.

You only need two items to set up:

  1. A Sofar user account (even if you’ve played with us before, you may not have created one of these, log in or sign up here option in the website
  2. A Sofar artist profile (if you’ve played a Sofar before, you’ll have one!)
  3. Then select “I’ve played Sofar previously” on our artist application to be taken to the artist dashboard sign up page (or click here). Simply put your artist name and email address in the appropriate fields, then click “Apply.” We’ll send you an email with the next steps if there’s a match.

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