How to Scan QR Code from Huawei Phones

Most of the phones these days have a built-in QR code scanner that detects the code automatically, however in some phones, you have to search for some options to scan your QR code or barcode. If you are a Huawei user and wondering how to scan QR codes or barcodes from your device then this article will explain to you in detail how to do it in few easy steps.

Mobilesly has listed all these steps below.

How to scan a code using the camera of the phone?

In three easy steps you can scan your code through your phone’s camera.

  1. Open your mobile’s camera and take the picture of the QR code
  2. Open the captured image in your gallery
  3. Open the More Options which can be on the right corner of your mobile.
  4. You will see a Scan QR option in the image option on the bottom of the pop-up menu.
  5. Tap the option and it may direct you to a web browser.

How to scan a QR code using the built-in QR scanner

  1. Swipe down the middle of the screen to see the options like search and scan.
  2. Right beside the search bar, you will see an eye icon. Click on it

3. Choose the option QR code and place your camera right in front of the QR code to capture it and it will scan it automatically.

However, if you have older phones Huawei that do not support both of these methods then you can go to the play store and download free apps to scan your QR codes.

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