Redmi Note 8 Amazing Hidden Features

Redmi note 8 was released in August 2019 in Pakistan. The device is powered by a strong Qualcomm SDM665 Snapdragon 665 octa-core processor. Due to its 4000 mAh huge battery, the phone is considered as one of the best battery phones. Redmi note 8 has two different variants of 128GB/4GB ram and 64GB/4GB ram. It is one of the best camera phones with a quad-camera of 48mp f/1.8 for wide-angle pictures, 8mp f/2.2 for ultra-wide-angle pictures, 2mp f/2.4 dedicated macro camera, and 2mp f/2.4 depth sensor with LED flash. The front camera of the phone is 13mp. Redmi note 8 runs on Android 9 Pie, which is based on MIUI 10.3.1, and offers several additional features. If you have Redmi Note 8, there are some hidden features you must know about.

So, let’s check them out.

Try dark mode and adjust the colors of your phone

Many people nowadays prefer dark mode theme. If you want your Redmi note 8, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

Go to settings of your phone-> Display-> Turn on the dark mode by tapping on the slider.

You can also adjust the color temperature from the same menu. Color optimization works only 

for the “Automatic Contrast” mode.

Using One-Handed Mode in Redmi note 6

One-handed mode is where you can shrink the screen size of your phone to use it easily with one hand. There are three different screen sizes offered in one-handed mode, and the user can choose whatever size they are comfortable with.

To activate this mode, you need to follow the steps below

Go to settings of your phone-> select additional settings->Select one-handed mode-> Select the size you want

Hide notch of your mobile

If you do not like the notch of your Redmi note 8, you can hide it from the options in the setting.

Go to settings of your phone-> Full-screen display->enable the option hide notch

Built-in screen recorder

Redmi has offered a built-in screen recorder in its devices, similarly, Redmi note 8 also has a built-in screen recorder. So, you can record videos of the screen while playing games or watching movies and do not have to download an additional screen recorder application that will occupy your mobile’s storage.

Built-in application lock

Redmi note 8 has a built-in app lock from which you can secure the downloaded apps on your phone. You can lock the apps by password, fingerprint lock or face unlock. 

To lock apps on your phone you have to follow the steps

Go to the setting of your phone->App lock-> Tap on the apps you want to lock.

Pocket mode feature in Redmi note 8

The pocket mode feature in Redmi note 8 allows the user to keep in bag or pocket without having to worry about missing important calls. When you enable this feature the ringtone of your mobile phone will automatically increase for an incoming call. Hence there are no chances for you to miss the important calls.

To enable this mode 

Go to the setting of the phone-> Lock screen option-> Select others-> Enable pocket mode.

Disable adds on Mi music

When you open the Mi music several adds appear on your screen that drains a lot of your data. To stop these adds you have to follow the steps 

Go to the Mi music-> tap on the left top three lines->settings of your phone->Advance settings-> Disabled Receive Recommendations.

Record slow-motion videos from Redmi note 8

Being able to record a slow-motion video is one of the features of a good mobile. You can avail of this feature in Redmi note 8 and make funny slow Mo videos.

Second space

The second space option creates a fresh space on your phone without taking the memory of the first space. It makes you feel like you are operating two phones on a single phone. 

You can enable this mode 

Go to Settings>System & Device-> then tap on Second Space option

A Second Space account will be set up automatically. Now, tap on the “Set” option.

Tap on the “Set Second Space Password” option.

Once the password has been set, tap on the “Next” button.

You will be asked to import photos, files, or videos from First Space to your Second Space. Tap on on the Next button if you want to skip.

Now you will be asked to import apps from First Space to your Second Space on your Xiaomi smartphone.

Once done, tap on the “OK” button, and your ‘Second Space’ is ready to be used.

Screen capture with 3 fingers

You can capture the easy screenshot of any image by swiping down your three fingers instead of pressing the power off and volume buttons in Redmi note 8. 

We hope you enjoy these hidden features of Redmi note 8.

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