10 reasons why you should buy Samsung Galaxy s10 plus

Samsung has always been the consumer’s first choice even after several competitors have landed in the market. All its phones get full attention and limelight ever since they are released.

With stunning looks and extensive features under different price tags, Samsung takes the lead in the mobile market.

If we talk about the Samsung galaxy s10 which was released some time ago. It dominated the market for a long time after which Samsung launched its other mobile phones. Samsung galaxy s10 has top-notch specs with beautiful design and superior performance.

There are many reasons why it has been so famous among buyers. So, in our today’s article let us make a list of the 10 reasons to buy Samsung galaxy s10 plus. 


One of the most common reasons to buy Samsung galaxy s10 plus is its stylish design which is very appealing for the buyers. The phone has a 93% screen to body ratio.

The full-screen design and curves of the phone make it more elegant. The Infinity-O display really looks perfect on the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Moreover, you can get your Samsung galaxy s10 in prism white, prism black, prism blue, and flamingo pink which is a good color range. 

Ultrasonic fingerprint 

Samsung galaxy has an in-display fingerprint scanner which makes biometric security easier. Embedded on the display, it is easy to set up and use. 

The ultrasonic reader on the S10 Plus produces a 3D map of your finger, which is expected to be safer, unlike the 2D optical fingerprint sensors used on other phones.

It is fast and you do not have to waste your extra second to login to your phone. 


When it’s about Samsung how can we ever forget the camera as Samsung phones have the best cameras? The camera is one of the biggest reasons to buy the Samsung galaxy s10 plus.

The triple rear camera of your Samsung galaxy s10plus will satisfy you for almost all purposes. With 16mp f/2.2 ultra-wide lens, 12mp f/2.4 telephoto lens, and a 12mp main lens which can be switched between f/1.5 and f/2.4 aperture, you can take the best, crystal clear pictures.

You can say that the Samsung galaxy s10 is the finest replacement for a DSLR. 

Eye comfort 

In addition to the excellent outdoor visibility, power consumption, color accuracy, the phone’s dynamic AMOLED display also aims to minimize eye pressure by avoiding unwanted blue light exposure.

Battery life 

Samsung galaxy s10 plus has a huge 4100 mAh which makes sure that the user enjoys a long time calling, gaming, watching movies without utilizing too much battery. The devices also feature an Adaptive Power Saving mode that optimizes the performance of the battery depending on the use of applications.  Without any doubt, the Samsung s10 is one of the best battery phones you can get.

Customized Bixby Vision 

To evaluate your personal habits and interests based on how you use your devices, Bixby Routines utilizes machine learning.

Samsung has brought Bixby to the next level, adding new Bixby Speech and Bixby Vision features, as well as more opportunities to make the lives of users simpler with custom Bixby routines.

This feature automates multiple tasks to make things easier for you.  

Fast charging 

Samsung s10 is one of the fast charging phones. The fast-charging ability of the Samsung galaxy s10 plus makes it more in demand. The phone is charged from 0 to 50% in just half an hour which is too good! So, if you are in a hurry you can charge your Samsung galaxy s10 in less than no time.  

Excellent Performance and Multi-Tasking

The Samsung S10 plus runs very smoothly and is extremely responsive. The high-end processor and 8 GB of RAM make the performance of the phone outstanding. You can open a whole bunch of applications and do multitasking at the very same time with the Samsung S10. With various activities such as games, music, browsing, and a mix of more, you will not experience any effect on the phone. 

Wireless Power share

Samsung galaxy s10 plus offers wireless power share which is why people prefer it over other phones. With this feature, you can charge wireless-capable phones such as earbuds, gear/ watch. So, you do not have to carry chargers for your phone and other devices.  

Fast WIFI connectivity 

With Samsung galaxy s10 plus now you can have 4 times faster access and connectivity to the WIFI even on the public networks. It also alerts you in case of risky WIFI to ensure the safety and security of your phone.  

These are all the reasons to buy the Samsung galaxy s10 plus. With all these best features of the phone, almost everyone will wish to have a wholesome phone like the Samsung galaxy s10 plus. You can also check Samsung S20 Plus Review from our website Mobilesly.


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