How to transfer contacts from iPhone to android

It is often a question mark when it comes to transferring data from an iOS device to the android one. Let’s suppose you have changed your iPhone to an android and now you need to transfer all your contacts from one phone to another. You have hundreds of contacts and just can’t send them individually and can’t even afford to lose them. There must be a way by which all contacts can be transferred to your android device from your iPhone. So in this article, you will learn the easy ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to android. Let’s get started.

Method# 1 Transferring Contacts through Google Account

This is a quick and easy method. If you already have a Google account then well and good but if not, you can create one by heading to the Google homepage. Once you are done creating your account you can navigate your mail, contacts, and calendar in the settings menu. There you will enter your Google account. You will add your account and then your iPhone will ask about parts of your Google Account you want to sync. You will enable the contact option and your iPhone and Android device will start syncing contacts with each other. If you have a lot of contacts you have to wait a little longer. Make sure you have a strong internet connection otherwise you may lose some contacts as they will not be transferred to your Android device. Once your contacts are done syncing you have to log in to your android device with the Google account information and you are done!

Method#2 Transfer with iCloud

To transfer your contacts using iCloud you have to go to the settings and select mail, contacts, calendar, and then iCloud. Then select iCloud from account options After this select all the contacts to sync your contacts with your iCloud account. As soon as it is done, you will open on your computer’s web browser. You have to log in with your Apple ID. Select Contacts <All contacts. A VCF file will be created on your computer which you can later import to your Android device.

Method#3 Transfer using a third-party app

This is the easiest way as compared to the other two we mentioned above. You can simply download a third-party app on both of your devices which is available for both. If you download any contact transfer app, you will be able to back up the contacts and send them as an email attachment to any address. However, this will only work when you a few contacts on your iOS device.

These are the three easy ways to transfer your contacts from an iOS device to an Android one. If you found our today’s article helpful, visit our website Mobilesly for some more amazing blogs.

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