How to earn money through Snackvideo App in Pakistan

Snakcvideo is a social platform similar to Tiktok available in Pakistan that allows you to make and view short videos that you may share with other users. All you have to do is record or upload a video from your phone’s gallery. They have a global user base of 10 million active members. Snack Video applications are available for iOS and Android smartphones, and they can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

We can make money from snack video app in a variety of methods that are both simple and reliable sources of revenue, but to learn how to make money from snake video, you must read the entire article.

These are the top 5 ways through which you can earn money on Snack Video.

Sign up reward

After you have downloaded the Snack video you will be required to sign up in order to watch videos or upload, like and comment on videos. You will be rewarded 200 points on download and creation of an account on snack video.

Daily rewards

Daily rewards are granted if you check snack videos on a daily basis. The rewards are as follows

Day 1= 200 coins

Day 2 = 400

Day 3= 800

Day 4= 200

Day 5= 400

Day 6= 200

Day 7= 1599

Day 14= 2399

Day 21= 2999

Day 30= 3999

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the greatest method to make money with Snack video. To get started, you have to sign up for an affiliate marketing platform and select items that are relevant to your video, then add links to those products. You’ll get a commission every time someone buys something through that link.


Brands will approach you to advertise their products through your videos if you have a large number of followers and views. For promotion, they will pay you a certain amount of money.

Participate in Snack Video Contests

On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, the Snack Video app conducts numerous contests. You may enter any contest and win money or items such as phones and watches. They do have certain limitations, which you may learn about by visiting their contest website.

Refer to your friends and Earn

You can still make money on Snack Video even if you don’t have any followers. Refer and earn is the simplest way to generate money. Copy and share your referral link with your friends or on social media.

Share activity with friends and earn coins

Snack video has an option where you can share your activity with your friends. To share your activity with friends follow these steps

  1. Open snack video and go to settings by clicking the symbol icon
  2. Now tap on the option “share with your friends”
  3. Copy the link and share their link

How to redeem coins?

When you complete any of the activities listed above, you will earn coins instead of rupees, but these coins will be converted to rupees before 8 a.m., allowing you and all coins can be redeemed in rupees.

How to withdraw money from Snack video app?

Follow the steps stated below to withdraw money from the snack video.

  1. Go to your profile by selecting the option in the lower right corner.
  2. To access the snack video app settings, select the top right corner icon.
  3. You now have the option of entering a phone number.
  4. Fill up your Jazz cash or easypaisa account information here.
  5. The verification account will be sent to your phone number after that.
  6. Then, in the necessary field, enter this code, and your phone number will be registered.
  7. Now choose the coins option from the drop-down menu.
  8. Serial coins in PKR may be found here.
  9. When you click on withdrawal, a new page will appear.
  10. You can now withdraw between Rs. 25 and Rs.1200, but not more.
  11. You are only allowed to withdraw once per day.

These are all the important details one should know about the Snack video app. You can earn on daily basis with the help of this app in Pakistan.

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