Easy way to hide apps in smartphones

Having built-in app hiding software is a need these days, but hiding applications in smartphones remains a challenge since no phones have such software that allows users to hide apps. Hiding applications on an Android smartphone may appear to be a little devious, but it’s a great approach to ensure that your personal and private information is secure if your device is lost or stolen. The Android operating system makes it difficult to hide important apps but that does not actually mean that you have no other options. There are a few methods you can use to remove bloatware and keep your personal information safe from intrusion.

Method 1: Disable apps

As there are no built-in apps for hiding your apps, you can disable an app from your home screen to keep it hidden from public view. Instead of hiding applications, you can disable them, which will remove them from your App Drawer and prevent them from utilizing system resources. It’s simple to disable an app. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Settings>Apps
  2. Now tap on the app which you want to disable
  3. On the App Info page, tap Disable.
  4. A notiification appears. Tap on Disable if you’re sure you want to disable the apps
  5. Once the app has been disabled, it wont show up in your app drawer

Method: 2 Using an application hider app

There are several third-party app-hiding applications available. Calculator Vault, for example, hides apps within a folder that is disguised by another app. This disguise app is sometimes completely working and sometimes merely a dummy app. The concept is that someone seeking the apps you’re attempting to hide won’t look much deeper than the surface and may not identify that you are using a disguise app to hide something.

Other programs, such as Apex Launcher, entirely redesign your device’s skin (or interface), including safe folders that require a password to access where you may store apps that you want to keep hidden. There are other non-concealing app vaults, such as AppLock, that do not try to disguise the fact that they are hiding apps. You create a pin code to gain access to whatever is in the vault, but the vault is viewable to everyone who has access to your phone.

Create Multiple User Profiles

On an Android smartphone, users can also set up multiple user profiles. So, if someone wishes to use your phone, you may create a new profile for them or set Guest Mode, which hides all of your applications from them. Different phone brands have different options to have access to the clone phone. The common steps are as follows:

  1. Open settings of your device
  2. Select the users and tap on the guest/ clone phone

Guest mode restores your phone to its factory settings by hiding all of your downloaded applications as well as your data, including photographs and videos. You can return to your regular user profile using the quick settings menu, which, for various reasons, requires the lock screen password. If someone is planning to use your phone for an extended period of time, you can also set up a new user profile by pressing on the ‘Add user’ option.

These are the three easiest ways through which you can hide your apps on your smartphones. If you find this article informative and helpful, visit our website Mobilesly for more informative articles.

Phones are very vulnerable to hacking these days, which is why it is essential to keep your phone secure. There are major signs that a phone has been hacked. Read the full article to find out what precautions you should take to keep hackers from invading your privacy.

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