A detailed guide on Adcash accounts and its features

Adcash is a well-known ad network that is used by many publishers throughout the world. Founded in 2007, the platform now serves media buyers, affiliates, publishers, and a wide range of ad networks, delivering 300+ million ad impressions to over 200 million visitors per day. Their adverts can be found in over 196 countries and regions, with over 50K active publishers and over 3500 campaigns operating currently. Publishers can also choose from a range of ad types, including pop-under ads, push notifications, interstitials, banner ads, and native ads. Also, the platform does not only welcome big website owners, it enables all types of publishers, large, medium, and small, to monetize their websites. Adcash claims to provide users with high-quality demand and relevant advertisements.

How to create an account on Adcash

To create an account on Adcash follow these steps:

  1. Go to adcash.com
  2. In the upper right corner, click “Register.”
  3. Please enter a valid email address and password.
  4. Select currency 
  5. Choose an account type: advertiser if you’re buying traffic, or publisher if you’re selling traffic.
  6. After pressing the button, check your email for an activation link.

Terms and conditions

Even though publishers can display advertising to any type of traffic from any country, some conditions must be followed.

  1. Sites that contains illegal content related to weapons, alcohol, or any unlawful items are not considered to be elligible.
  2. If an account is inactive for 150 days, the account operator would be charged 10% of their balance or $10 USD/EUR every month.
  3. When an account with a balance of 10 USD/EUR is not used within 90 days, it is archived and banned.
  4. Adcash allows you to monetize informative websites, but it does not allow you to monetize doorway SEO pages.

Payment method

Adcash gives publishers the option of accepting USD or EUR currency as well as a variety of payment options such as Paypal, bank transfer, Skrill, and Webmoney. The following are the measures you must take to obtain payment:

  1. Go into your Adcash dashboard account and proceed to the Payment request in the Wallet area.
  2. After this, you need to pick a payment method
  3. When you submit your request, you will be given an estimated payment date.
  4. You will be contacted via email after the money has been received.

If your payment claim is denied, it might be due to an invalid account, wrong or missing payment data, or incorrect or missing personal information. You can contact Adcash directly if your payment request is refused for any other reason.

What Adcash precisely offers?

Some of Adcash’s primary offerings are listed below:

Global coverage: Publishers have the ability to deliver advertising to users in over 196 countries. This means that any type of traffic can be monetized.

Variety of ad formats: Adcash provides a variety of ad formats via which publishers can efficiently monetize their websites fulfilling the required conditions.

Real-time statistics: As a publisher, you can easily track down your earnings using Adcash’s live statistics platform.

High fill rate: Adcash also offers high fill rates, which implies all publishers can maximize profits.

Anti Adblock technology: Ads can avoid ad blockers thanks to this ad network’s anti-Adblock technology, again allowing publishers to earn more cash.

Multiple payment methods: Adcash offers a variety of payment options, allowing publishers to select the method that is most convenient for them. Furthermore, they get paid immediately and without difficulty.

Different Ad formats

Pop-under ads: As a result, pop-unders are an excellent approach to increase user engagement on both mobile and desktop devices. These ad forms are less invasive than others since they appear behind the user’s browser window.

Push-notifications: Because of their great visibility, these advertisements help in raising CTR and engagement. Furthermore, because push notifications take up little space on the page, they are not irritating.

Banner ads: Adcash offers three styles of banner ads: leaderboard, rectangle, and skyscraper. Banner advertisements are widely used by publishers and marketers because they generate a high level of user engagement.

Interstitials: These revolutionary ad styles take up the whole screen of the device, resulting in greater viewability. Publishers can increase their income by utilizing interstitial adverts.

Native ads: These non-intrusive ad types mix nicely with the website’s content, enhancing conversion rates and user engagement.

Benefits and drawbacks of using Adcash:


  1. You have a good variety of options to choose from. As it offers several ad formats.
  2. Adcash accepts all types of traffic.
  3. It employs innovative techniques that allow for a high earning potential
  4. Several payment alternatives are available.
  5. Anti-adblocking software is available.
  6. There are no extra fees for transaction processing.
  7. Questions are immediately answered.


  1. There is no publisher referral scheme.

2. Lower CPM rates than what is currently available in the market.

These are all the important details related to Adcash. Create your Adcash account now and benefit from their features!

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