Buying Mobile from Daraz vs. Local Mobile Store in Karachi

Online shopping has become a new trend in recent years which is why it may not be wrong to say that almost everything can be bought online with few clicks in a few minutes. Different websites that started from selling few products like clothing or footwear are now one giant seller and Daraz is no doubt one of them. It started from a small website and has grown into a big online shopping platform that is currently offering not only clothing, furniture, baby care products, and electronics but also mobiles, groceries, and almost everything one can wish for.

In earlier days when people were reluctant to shop online and always preferred to shop directly from stores, Daraz has proven them wrong. It has delivered good quality products, with excellent customer care and a return and refund policy.

But when it comes to mobile phones, it is something which costs thousands of rupees. People are often concerned about the quality and warranty of the phone when ordering online and it is the same case with Daraz. Now you must be interested in knowing from where should we buy smartphones and if Daraz is safe to shop mobiles from. Then here is the detailed explanation for all your questions and comparison of Daraz vs. local mobile store

It is better to buy my mobile from a mobile market

Mobile markets have huge variety of mobile shops and mobile phones of several brands which is always a plus point for the buyers. Whenever we go to buy a phone, we need the best guide for which phone we should buy and why. When we go to the mobile market, the shop keeper convinces us to buy different phones of different brands but it is not always for our benefit because sometimes it is because of the higher profits a company pays the shopkeeper due to the sale of a particular phone.

This is why we cannot always rely on the advice of the shopkeepers. This may be one of the drawbacks of buying a phone from the market. However, one thing which is good about buying phones from the mobile market is that you can buy your mobile immediately and do not have to wait longer. You can also get some discounts from the shop and you can also shop for some other accessories at discounted rates with immediate purchase.

Why should I choose Daraz to shop for mobiles

If you choose to buy from Daraz you can select whichever phone you are looking for and can also find its detailed specification below on the page of the website. This is a good point because if you are confused between two different phones you can look at their detailed features and can decide which is better for you.

Daraz also offers exclusive discounts on special events which you can avail. You can also apply coupons or gift cards on your purchase which is obviously not possible when buying a phone from the market. For some mobiles, you can pre-order the phones from Daraz which are not even available in the local mobile stores.

However, there is also a drawback to making a mobile purchase from Daraz. As for some people who could not wait for too long, Daraz at least takes three days of working days to deliver the mobile phone. Although express delivery is available for which extra charges are needed to be paid. If someone is in urgent need of a mobile phone and cannot wait for some days, it is recommended to make their purchase from a local mobile store because Daraz orders are also sometimes delayed to the uncertainty of weather or other reasons.

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