Most common mistakes we do while using smartphones

Everybody nowadays owns a smartphone and we all are aware of how to use it. They are known to make our lives easier as they provide us access to almost everything in a few clicks. The smartphone is like a new machine or device that when we purchase comes with a manual to help us operate it and so whenever we purchase new machines or devices we always read the manual in order to learn the proper way to use the machine. But when it comes to smartphones, hardly anyone is interested in learning the correct way of using them. There are some common mistakes we all smartphone users make. Let us check out what these common mistakes are and if you also do them too.

Using your phone in Poor Signal

Poor signals cause extra strain on the phone. So if you are using the smartphone while the signals are very low, your phone has to perform harder than usual to receive adequate signals This makes your phone warm. Overheating of your phone may result in the phone turning off or not being able to function properly.

Not wiping your phone screen and back

According to some researches, there are more germs on your mobile phone than anywhere they can possibly be. It is always recommended to clean your phone screen and back with an anti-bacterial solution once a week using cotton or a cloth to wipe away all the germs.

Looking at your phone with the wrong posture

If you lean on your phone screen too much while using it then you should definitely stop. This can cause serious neck issues including cervical discal hernia or neck curvature. You should always keep your phone on the same level as your eyes to prevent such issues.

Turning On Bluetooth when needed only

Keeping your Bluetooth turned on unnecessarily will not only drain your battery faster but also invite hackers into your phone. The Bluetooth has an average range of 10 meters so a hacker can easily access your phone, take out all important files while your Bluetooth is on. So once you have transferred your files, it is always safe to turn off your Bluetooth quickly.

Always put a password

If you don’t want anyone to have access to your phone, you should always put a password on your phone to keep your phone safe. Avoid using patterns as they are easily breakable. Keep a password that is not easy to guess.

Not updating your phone

Software updates essentially enhance the functioning of your phone, such as battery life interference and so on. Updates for apps are also necessary to address issues such as security flaws, bugs, and new information. In short, it’s critical to install system and app software updates to keep your phone running at its best.

Exposure to blue light for a long period of time

The blue light that comes out of your phone is harmful to your eyes. It inhibits the creation of melatonin hormone which affects your sleeping patterns. Due to excessive light exposure, your sleeping pattern will be disturbed. Also, this blue light can cause headaches and eyesight problems. You can minimize the exposure by adjusting the backlight or by using the blue light filter.

Having excessive skin contact with your smartphone

Frequent contact of smartphones with the skin causes them to get heated, which can lead to dermatological problems. As a result, it is important for us to carry the phone in a bag rather than in our hands. You can also use headphones during phone calls to avoid any direct contact with the mobile phone.

These are all frequent mistakes that we all do when using a smartphone that we should avoid in order to prevent any harmful effects on our health as a result of the use.

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