Checklist to buy used phones in Pakistan

People sometimes find it difficult to purchase a new mobile phone due to a large number of options available in the market, but purchasing a used phone is much more challenging. There are a number of scammers out there who will hand you phones that appear to be real but are actually counterfeit or defective. So here are a number of things you need to check before you purchase a used smartphone.

Screen of the smartphone

It is always recommended to thoroughly check the screen of the smartphone to see if there are any scratches on the screen. Make sure you check the screen without any protector on. You can open a plain white background. Check if the screen has a yellow hue or a little warmness on the display. If there is then it means the screen is original. However if the screen has a blueish tone or bright white then it means the phone is either refurbished or the screen is not original.

Touch Sensitivity

Touch sensitivity is a major point you need to focus on. It needs a close inspection to check if the phone touch sensor works completely fine. Smartphones that have experienced fall a lot on the ground or in water may look okay at first but once you use them for a little longer, you will see that they have touch issues. A quick way to check if the phone’s touch sensor works fine is to download some apps which you can find on both Playstore and Appstore. These apps run some basic tests and analyses if your device is up to the mark. A built-in test is also available which you can have access to by dialing *#0*#.

Headphone Jack, Mic and Speaker

You need to check if the phone you are buying has a working headphone jack or the phone’s mic and speaker. You should know that a phone which has been once opened will have a fault in any of these three parts.

Sim slot and Memory Slot

The next thing you need to do is check the sim slot and memory slot of the phone. You can insert your sim card and memory card to see if the slots are working. If your sim card is not compatible with the phone slot, you can ask the dealer to insert any of his sim cards. Once you have inserted the cards in their respective slots, if both appear in the phone and you can make calls and find files then the slots are working. However, if files are missing or you can not make calls with the sim as it shows NO SIM, you have either inserted the cards in a wrong way or their slots are not working.


The camera is one of the most important factors we always see when buying a smartphone. When you are checking the camera, examine every mode of the camera including portrait, night mode, etc. Also, check both front and back cameras and zoom in and out with both of them. If there is any dust or scratch on the camera, don’t buy the phone as it will not deliver you good quality pictures.

Performance and Battery

In order to check the phone’s performance, you can download apps like CPU-Z which is available for both iOS and Android devices. This app will help you verify the specs of the phone and you can match it with the one stated on the box of the phone.

To check the phone’s battery, if you are buying a phone with a removable battery then take it out and spin it on a smooth surface. If the battery keeps on spinning then it is not real or defective. However, if you are purchasing a phone which has a nonremovable battery then open the camera on your phone and select the burst mode. Take lots of pictures from that mode and see if the battery is running quickly. If the battery runs low very quickly then it is faulty. This works for all android devices. For iPhone users, you can check the battery by going to the settings of the phone and open battery life. You should never buy an iPhone that has a battery capacity of less than 85%.

Casing and appearance of the phone

Check for any dents or scratches on the back of your phone. Also, check if the color is wearing out from any of the corners of the phone. These things may look very little in contribution to the phone specs but when it comes to pricing they are the reason why the price of a phone drops.

IMEI Registration

One of the most important things that people often neglect to check on a smartphone is its registration with PTA. If a phone is not registered with PTA, it may not allow you to use your sim card. The phone may function normally but cellular activity will be blocked if the IMEI number is not registered with the authority. Registering a new phone will cost you more than you have paid for the device which is why you should buy the phone that is registered with PTA already.


If the seller has already informed you that the phone was opened and repaired, ask him for the details about the repair. If there is work done on the motherboard, never buy that phone.

These are all the major points you need to consider before buying a used phone in Pakistan to ensure you are buying a phone worth the price.

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