How To Connect Canon 6D Mark II with Mobile Phone

The EOS 6D Mark II has come up with new features that may be useful for many of us and will improve our overall experience with Canon 6D Mark II. The camera has built-in WIFI which allows the user to connect the Canon 6D Mark II to other compatible devices. Images can also be transferred from one Canon camera to another. However, you need to learn a proper way to connect your Canon 6D Mark II with your mobile phone which Mobilesly has explained in this article.

Connecting your Canon 6D Mark II using an EOS Application.

This is the first way to connect your camera to your smartphone. For this, you simply need to follow these steps

  1. Download the EOS 6D application on your mobile.
  2. Use a multi-controller to navigate to the Camera Settings 3 tab in your Canon 6D Mark II.
  3. By using the multi-controller now you can highlight the WIFI function and press select/set.
  4. You will see a list of WIFI functions
  5. As you have to connect your camera with a smartphone, you will select a smartphone using the multi-controller
  6. Now select your smartphone settings option and press.
  7. You will see a notification connect to the device press OK. Your camera is now connected to your smartphone.
  8. Now take your smartphone and open the application where you will press the option to connect your mobile with the camera.

After this now you are able to open your camera images on your smartphone.

Connect Canon 6D Mark II with Mobile Phone Using NFC**

This is yet another good feature or easier way to connect your mobile phone with the camera. The built-in NFC** feature which is known as (Near Field Communication) provides the camera to access any compatible devices. To do so follow these steps.

  1. Activate NFC** in your smartphone to connect it with the camera
  2. For Android just search for the NFC in the search engine and turn on your NFC. if you can’t find it there then your phone can not be connected.
  3. In the “Search settings” bar, type “NFC.” Tap and turn on NFC. If you can’t find NFC, you can download the NFC reader.
  4. Now touch the NFC against the N-Mark logo on your camera.
  5. Activate NFC on your smartphone then touch it against the “N-Mark” logo on your camera.
  6. Now go to the Settings and select Wi-Fi, then choose the network name shown on your camera and tap on ‘Connect’.

Connect Canon 6D Mark II with Mobile Phone Using Bluetooth

You can also connect your mobile phone with your camera using Bluetooth. To do this follow these steps.

  1. Download the “Canon Camera Connect” app on your smartphone.
  2. Now go to the settings and turn on your WIFI and Bluetooth and go to the app now.
  3. After this on the  EOS 77D or T7i, shown in the menu select the “Function Settings” tab and then select “Wireless Communication Settings“.
  4. Go to the WIFI settings and select enable.
  5. For the first time setup choose a camera nickname.
  6. The name you have given will appear, press the menu button, and then OK.
  7. Now select Bluetooth function.
  8. Select it again
  9. Then select the smartphone and then do not display option after which the pairing process begins.
  10. You will get to see Pairing In Progress
  11. After you receive paired smartphone’s name select OK

Your mobile phone is connected to your camera.

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