Best Mobile power banks in Pakistan

When you’re on the go, a Power Bank is a portable charger designed to keep your electronic gadgets charged. They come in a variety of sizes, from small, pocket-sized devices to bigger, higher-capacity Power Banks, and are used to charge smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. So in order to buy the right one for your smartphone, you need to look for different brands that offer power banks at different prices and bigger or smaller battery capacities to charge your phone.

Mobilesly has prepared a list of power banks for you to consider.

Solar Power Bank 20000mAh

The solar power bank has a 10001 mAh to 20000 mAh battery capacity with two USB ports which means you can charge two phones at a time. It also supports fast charging. The power bank has a Polymer battery. In order to charge your power bank, you have to put it in front of the sunlight and it will begin to charge when a green light turns on. The green light is the indication that the power bank is charging. The price of this powerbank is Rs. 2,700 in Pakistan. It is also available in online stores.

Xiaomi Power Bank 5000mAh

The Original Xiaomi Power Bank 5000mAh has a price of Rs. 2,200 in Pakistan which has 2 USB ports to charge two phones at a time. It is lightweight and handy due to the Lithium polymer battery and aluminum alloy metal casing. Its extremely slim 10.7mm case makes it easier for the user to carry in the pocket. Powered with nine layers of circuit chip protection enhances its efficiency. Moreover, this power bank has a temperature resistance which ensures that its battery operates in a safer environment with no excessive heat or cold. It is created with world-class processors that not only make the power bank safer, but also boost the charging conversion rate and control the discharging voltage using superior resistance-capacitance sensors for maximum efficiency and longevity. It is the best powerbank to purchase at the most affordable rates.

Aukey Imported Power Bank 

This Amazon-imported power bank boasts a stunning 20,000mAh capacity, which can charge your smartphone, such as the iPhone7, roughly seven times a day. This imported power bank is compatible with the majority of high-tech gadgets and smartphones. Aukey Imported Power Bank contains a twin USB connector that can output 2.4A at a time, allowing it to charge several smartphones at the same time. You can purchase this power bank online or from any shop for just Rs. 2,999 in Pakistan.

EasyAcc 15000mAh Power Bank

This EasyAcc Imported Power Bank is one of the larger chargers, with a 15,000mAh capacity that will fully charge your smartphone or iPad. The imported Poweradd Slim power bank is a little yet high-quality portable charger that can fully charge most smartphones. It includes three USB ports with smart features including automatic output adjustment and power-saving turning off. It can manage 5,000mAh of power capacity and 4 LEDs as a battery indication due to its smaller size and less weight. It has a price of Rs. 2,999.

Iceworks 3000mAh Portable Charger

This Imported Power Bank is already well on Amazon because of its slim and broad shape, which fits comfortably in your pocket. This Imported Power Bank is ideal for iPhone users because it includes an iPhone cable as well as two lightning adaptors that can be plugged directly into your phone. It can effectively charge smart phones with a capacity of 2000mAh.

Anker PowerCore 5000 Portable Charger

Anker PowerCore 5000 is one of the widely known power banks in different countries and is also imported in Pakistan. It has a cylindrical design which is easier to fit in your pocket. The powerbank has a 5000mAh battery. Even though this Amazon Imported Power Bank does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge, it still provides fast charging. This powerbank is available on Amazon in black and red color.

This concludes the list of all the best power banks in Pakistan at best rates.

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