Instagram top latest hidden features in 2021

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It now has over 1 billion users1 and is known for having the highest engagement levels. The platform, on the other hand, is not only growing, but also evolving. To help you keep up with the latest Instagram upgrades, we compiled a list of the most recent updates you may not be aware of or know how to use.

1. Text translation in stories

The new Instagram feature supports 90 languages for now, but only with the possibility of translating written text. Instagram will now offer you a “See translation” message whenever you watch a story with overlayed text in a language other than the one you have specified in your app. Users will be presented with a translation panel after tapping on the option. For the time being, the new Instagram function supports 90 languages, but only with the ability to translate written content.

2. Posting to multiple accounts

This one can save you a lot of time, but only if you’re going to be sharing the same type of stuff to multiple Instagram profiles. Basically, you make a post with one account and then select a few boxes if you want to share it with others.

3. Check Instagram DM without seen tag

When someone messages you and you want to respond later but still want to check the message, then this feature is very useful. You won’t have to install or use anything else after this. Simply follow the basic steps.

  1. Go to your messages and see who has sent you a message (don’t open the message). Then go to the search bar.
  2. Enter the username of the person who messaged you.
  3. Go to his/her profile and select options from the drop-down menu.
  4. Limit the user’s profile by selecting the Restrict Account option.
  5. The profile will now be transferred to the new Instagram messaging area.
  6. Now all you have to do is go see what they’ve sent you. You will continue to get messages from them and will be able to see them, but the seen tag will not appear.
  7. When you’re ready to respond, simply unrestrict them.

4. Professional Dashboard for performance tracking

This is part of Instagram’s continued endeavor to provide tools to creators and entrepreneurs, enable people to make a living from their passions, and promote small businesses. It can help you discover insights and trends based on your Instagram account’s performance. It also provides you with new tools to help you run and grow your business more efficiently, as well as the ability to monitor your monetization status and eligibility.

5. To restore your deleted content, use the Recently Deleted feature.

Instagram implemented a Recently Deleted function to enable users to recover deleted photographs and videos, as requested by users.

The Recently Deleted feature works in the following way:

  1. Stories that you delete but don’t archive will remain in this folder for up to 24 hours.
  2. After 30 days, everything else, including photographs, videos, reels, and IGTV videos, will be immediately removed.

Follow these methods to get access to your deleted content throughout these 30 days:

Go to the ‘Settings menu.

Select ‘Account’ from the drop-down menu.

Select the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder from the drop-down menu.

Posts can be restored or permanently deleted.

6. Remix option to reels

Instagram introduced a new option for their popular reels in early April called remix, which is great for influencers. The new feature allows users to integrate other people’s content into their own, resulting in a unique blend of footage from both accounts. On public accounts, the remix option is enabled by default; however, if users desire privacy, they can disable it. This option can be used in the following manner:

7. Convert words into text with the caption sticker for stories.

Instagram has just released a new feature called caption stickers that will change the way you see your stories and reels. The functionality converts spoken words into written text. This is ideal for those who prefer to watch video content without sound, as well as those who have hearing impairments.

8. Instagram has introduced “Limits,” a new feature that allows users to conceal offensive remarks.

Instagram has launched a new feature that tries to shield users from nasty comments and direct messages. A limit is a new tool that allows users to filter or hide comments and messages from persons who are not on their follower’s lists or who have recently become followers. The new Instagram function is designed to keep public figures safe from unpleasant comments and messages.

9. On Instagram, there is more protection for teen accounts.

Users under the age of 18 will benefit from the new Instagram upgrade since their identity and Instagram accounts will be better protected. When anyone under the age of 16 signs up for Instagram for the first time, they are automatically given a private account. Adults will be unable to contact teens who do not wish to be contacted. Instagram as a social media platform is attempting to protect teenagers from receiving messages from adults engaged in “suspicious behavior” and prohibiting them from initiating inappropriate contact with them.

These are all the top hidden features of Instagram in 2021 that you can enjoy. Other than Instagram, you can also have a look at Facebook’s Top Latest Hidden Features In 2021 that you may want to know about.

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